Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Joel Maturi Fake Job Scan

And the fake jobs keep on rolling in...here's another one from one of readers...forgive me "Ashley" but I'm trying to come up with creative names instead of using real names on my blog. "Ashley" sent me the below job scam recently and she and I had a nice discussion on how Careerbuilder is supposedly a source of how these people contact you offering immediate (and sadly fake) job opportunities.

Here's that email:

-----Original Message-----
From: Ashley <idreyes68@yahoo.com>
To: Ashley Two <xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com>
Sent: Thu, Sep 13, 2012 10:41 am
Subject: CareerBuilder - Job for you ID 6986

Hi! You contacted me some time ago. In response to your inquiry enclosed you 
will find more specifics about the current opportunity along with the Employment 
Agreement. This current opportunity is available immediately. I hope you will 
become a member of our team because you suit us and we would like to start 
a.s.a.p..We have new tasks in your area starting now. 
1) Vacancy description, responsibilities, income level and the requirements to 
candidates are available on the website on the Jobs page. Please check the 
website for more information.
2) Once you are available to get started  please fill out the enclosed 
Employment Agreement sign or fill in electronically and send it back via email. 
We will verify it has been received and contact you back with information on how 
to proceed/continue. 
Your next step is to complete the online application on the JOBS page of the 
website. If you have any questions after visiting our website  and couldn't find 
the right answers on the site  do not hesitate to email me directly. We will 
send you the answer personally or will add it to the FAQ section andnotify you 
about it. Below you will find the website address. Sincerely, Mr. Joel Maturi

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sslongshore said...

I get those emails all of the time, especially the ones from distribution centers. What is the point of these scams?