Thursday, October 22, 2009

Anyone Heard of Denis Orkinson

I'm sorry to be missing in action lately. Here's a new twist. As you know, and probably some of you already know, I've been in the job market. Trying first with such ridiculous companys like Career Networks for positions that never existed and served as a way of marketing ways by email and cell phone to further my education.

Today I received a unique email from a person by the name of Denis Orkinson with an email address of He sent me the following email:


We are sorry for the late reply. Are you still interested in a part time position? Please reply with your full name and phone number and I will contact you immediately with position details. Do not forget to attach your latest resume or CV.

Us residents please.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Seems very obscure if you ask me. Sort of like a way for someone to ask me for personal information like a telephone number, name, and a full resume as well. Something I think prior employers I applied with would already have.

Plus that seemingly fake email address made me suspicious. Anyone get an email from this alleged person like I did? If so, did you reply? Anything good come from it?

Please post any and all comments.

Thank you for stopping by. I will do my best to include regular updates on the blog now as well. I realize I have been missing in action for a while now.

Hope all of you are doing well. Have a great evening!!