Thursday, December 15, 2011

Purchasing Manager Wilma Caton Job Scam

Here's another spam/job scam email I received supposedly from Beyond is another one of those job sites, in my view that offer you positions but they don't really exist. What really wants you to do is return to school so they can market your interest to other companies.

Here's the latest job scam:

Good day Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx
Your application came via Beyond site
Company: New Sales Consulting
Post Title: Purchasing Manager
Employment Type: Contract & Freelance
Wage Range: USD42,500.00-62,600.00 plus
Career Category: Import-Export, Customer Service, Accounting, Business Opportunity
Relocation Required: No
Location: Nationwide
Please do not apply unless you are 21 years of age.
All candidates for this vacancy must be a USA Lawful Permanent Resident.

Dear applicant.
Due to expected expansion plans, the company is now searching an enthusiastic, vigorous, and enterprising applicants to obtain the above specified vacancy. The main objective of this post is to assist the procurement division in the continued development and implementation of their supply strategy. Individuals will work against a winning firm who prides on having the highest standards in the industry.

Essential Duties:
- Facilitate meetings with forthcoming suppliers and client departments.
- Receive and check requisitions for various materials, equipment and services.
- Prepare and process purchase related reports.
- Develop suppliers' relationships to include contract negotiations.
- Review the work time-schedule for the shipping planning section.
- Carry out different duties and responsibilities as needed.

The minimum:
- Should have excellent negotiation skills. You have to have ability to communicate both internal and external to the company.
- Should be a confident self-starter, conscientious, used to delivering to standards and deadlines. You have to be able to negotiate issues which may be difficult, disputable or delicate.
- Should be well organized and be able to work in a very active environment to keep track of multiple orders.
- Should to have knowledge of purchasing standards, methods of shipping and handling expenses.
- Should have proficiency to study data and market facts for the present and future pricing, and capacity of merchandise and facilities.
- Should be knowledgeable in the work of Microsoft Office programs.

The person is required to have a Valid Driver's license. Except to your proven skills you must be able to demonstrate a potential to facilitate others.
If you think you have the indicated skills and would like to be selected for this role or would like to get all details, please reply to this email and indicate your interest.
We are keen to hear from talented individuals with proven experience in sales or marketing and ready to offer a brilliant development program for the right candidate.

A few comments if I may...

I wonder why you must be over 21 years of age. I think if you can fall for a scam you can do that at even as young as 16 years of age.

I really do like the quote, "We are keen to hear from talented individuals with proven experience in sales or marketing and ready to offer a brilliant development program for the right candidate."

If it was a real job it sounds very interested and in line with my experience. But sadly it's not.

What do you think?

P.S. I still monitor posts because of spam I approve posts even if I don't agree with the content. If you attack me personally more than likely I won't post your snarky behavior because I don't see the point.

Have a good week and weekend coming up!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Vatra L AG Regional Executive Job Scam

Below is another job referencing to a resume found of mine on Career Builder. One immediate red flag is I don't have a resume posted on career builder. And other red flags should include the salary and the silly email addresses created for the purposes of replies to this email job scam.

The reply to the email goes to, and but the email states to apply using the email of And while I know it's a scam, why do they do that? I've replied "with great desire to work for the company" to find out more maybe we will hear back. Or anyone else please feel free to comment.

Have a good week ahead!

Let's read on...


Our Company Vatra L. AG. has found your resume in Careerbuilder database and think you are a perfect candidate for the vacancy we offer.

Position : Regional Executive
Payment Rate: USD600-1200 / week
Employment Status: Home based
Location: US


- Strong proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel
- Strong communication skills
- Ability to work with teams managing multiple engagements, providing excellent quality service in short time frames.
- Fluent in English language.

Apply today on :

HR Dept.
Vatra L. AG.