Saturday, April 19, 2014

Transnational Immediate Delivery Company Job Scam

One of my readers I'll call "James" sent me the following email related to a job scam. He wanted to share this so others don't take advantage of this fake offer.

Below is the exact email that was sent by email to him:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2014 07:26:19 -0600
Subject: Job Openings for Gregory Fitzhugh !

We want you to look through the job offer written below. Transnational
Immediate Delivery company has recently reviewed the CV that you have
placed online and wants to offer you a position of a courier clerk
department employee.

Transnational Immediate Delivery company was created in 2006 as a
result of merging of couple commercial postal services in Warsaw,
Poland. Nowadays, we communicate with a lot of European clients and
provide options of ordering, paying and transferring goods that our
clients want to purchase directly from North America to them. Our
Companies market is mostly retailing.

The vacancy that we are offering you was created specially for United
States residents. It is called a courier employee and consists of
tracking, receiving, combining, consolidating and sending products
purchased from big United States internet shops overseas to the
companies branches and locations. The vacancy does not demand going to
any kind of office work locations and majorly can be done from home
along with going to the nearest post office. Company provides all the
needed materials and detailed directions for performing the job, work
agreement with other documents and many benefits. We require no
expenses from the worker. Items that our clients order are mostly
modern electronics such as Apple gadgets|, popular laptops and other,
so there is nothing heavy or bulky involved to have a need for a
warehouse place for. We give a $1,500 monthly stable and base salary
with an secondly added part of a bonus given for each task performed
in time. There is a very good chance of wage
growth and we also offer major career perspectives for the each hard
working employee.

We require:
-18 years minimal age
-to own a usuallworking street address
-ability to surf on the internet and with printer
-Owning a working telephone number, better if several

Transnational Immediate Delivery company was glad to show you this
official invitation message. It does not contain any attachments or
links in it to maintain the web safety at a the best point.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rudge Taylorir GMX.COM Quality Control Manager

It's been a busy week with job scams. Here's another one that just arrived today:

Your resume was obtained from job board and we suppose that your experience
and abilities would perfectly match the part-time position of quality
control manager that we now have available. 
The details are as follows:

Position: Quality Control Manager
Type of employment: Part-time 

General job requirements:

* User of Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Office
* Computer literacy
* Ability to print and scan documents
* User level knowledge about household and kitchen appliances.

The job involves  quality control and writing reports for new models of
household and kitchen appliances / items/ products. 

If you feel you meet requirements stated above and are interested in this
part-time job opportunity, please contact us by email at :
Our Human Resources Manager will get in touch with you to arrange an
interview soon.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

MC Express Recruiting Shipping Job Scam

And finally here's one more:

We've found your Resume on Career Builder. Currently we have a remote
position available, this job is about purchasing and repackaging different
products for our European clients.

We are mostly working with Luxury Gadgets, Electronics and Optics. All
packages are light weight and not bigger than a size of a regular microwave.

No upfront payments are needed from your part! No sensitive information is

Qualified applicants should have the following:
 - Proper Identification proving eligibility To work in the US;
 - Basic Computer and Internet skills;
 - Willingness and ability To learn new task quickly;
 - Attentive to details, dependable, strong work ethic, deadline oriented
 - Willing To submit To a Background Check, when needed

The successful candidate will be responsible for all aspects of product
purchasing, repacking and shipping; Looking for products that support our
marketing strategy and goals.
If you are interested in this wonderful job opportunity, please contact me
to request an Application Form:

Have a nice day,
MC Express Recruiting Team We Offer You A Job Scam

And here's one more that wound itself into my in box:

We offer you a job.

Extra profit in a short time!
Our company guarantees a decent wage - minimum 4000.00 USD per month. You will receive minimum 400.00 USD for 2 hours of work. You won't have to spend on this work more than a couple of hours, twice a week. Working with us it is not necessary to quit your current job!
These are the tasks you will be carrying out:
  1. Our manager gets in touch with you to specify if you can receive a bank transfer when necessary. In the meantime we make money transfer to you. Transferred sum can be up to 8000.00 USD.
  2. You have to cash the transfer as soon as the bank transfer is received by your bank.
  3. You keep from 400.00 USD up to 1600.00 USD - 20% of the money transfer - it is your profit!
  4. You transfer to our company 80% of the amount.
  5. If you are ready for future cooperation, our company makes one more transfer to your bank account.
Working with us is absolutely legitimate and doesn't violate any US laws. Important! This activity requires US residence! You can receive as many bank transfers as you wish, it all depends on how much you want to earn!
You can send us an e-mail and send your C.V. We will answer and send you details of your work.
The offer is limited!

Damon Sykes HR Job Scam

And here's another one from one of our great readers.

Below is the verbatim email:

-----Original Message-----
From: Mr Damon Sykes

To: Steve Watterson
Sent: Wed, 5 Mar 2014 5:02
Subject: Mar 5, 2014 7:02:36 AM - Promising employee chance, Phil Grant

Good day Steve Watterson,

Modern? Creative? Enthused? You are at the right place. We are getting new 

Welcome to our Recruiting. We hire for the FSA opportunity all over the world. 

We have selected your CV from We're excited to present you to our 
chances, we've been waiting for you!

Most important facts
-       Not sales job;
-       Two to three hours a day performing your obligations over the Internet 
is sufficient for this position;
-       Stable Internet access and e-mail availability;
-       Free online instruction at your own place is comparable to our 
traditional courses - no need for expensive travel. With the most recent 
technology and top coaches we offer an stimulating combination of traditional 
content and interactive online education. This flexible alternative provides the 
freedom to absorb the knowledge anywhere and at any time.
-       Salary is GBP 1,500 monthly during the Trial Period plus 8% commission 
from each successfully processed payment. Complete profits is about GBP 2,800 
per month. After the first 30 days your salary will be increased up to GBP 1,800 
a month.

If this career is acceptable for you, please feel free to respond to this email.

Mr Damon Sykes
HR department

Natalie Cal Europen Investments Enterprise Job Scam

From time to time I receive emails from my many readers offering me additional job scams to share with my reading audience.

Today I received one from someone I shall call Melissa to protect her identity. This is yet another investment scam.

Below is her email:


Dear Melissa,

My name is Natalie Cal, European Investments Enterprise.
Thank you for applying for our vacancy on

We have reviewed your profile and think that you absolutely fit this position.
Let me tell you a bit more about the company and the position.

About the company: EU Investments was founded in 2003 in Warsaw (Poland) to help foreign private and corporate investors to choose investment objects in Europe. Our clients invest in virtual certificates, virtual currencies (such as bitcoin), real estate, and, especially, modern Internet Startups.
Investments vary from thousands of dollars (in case of individuals who purchase virtual certificates of precious metals and virtual currencies) up to millions of dollars (in case of corporate entities). From 2006 we’ve been actively developing and presenting our services to Europe and Asia. In 2014 we are opening our branches in the US.

About the position: the company is interested in "growing" its own professionals in this field who will find a place at every level of the working process, ranging from virtual certificates consultation to portfolio management. In this regard, restrictions on the professional level are not presented but without a doubt we would greatly appreciate you if you already have a similar experience (such as account management, negotiating, etc.). During the first month of work you will be presented to a personal manager who will oversee your actions 

As mentioned earlier this work could be considered as remote (work from home) and could be addition to your main work.

During the first 2 months in this position workers get familiar with different types of venture investments that our company deals with, they are explained how to place orders for them, write reports, etc.
* working for  2-3 hours a day during the first month. Working about 3-4 hours after the first month.
* carrying out venture investments for clients
* creating investment reports

During the first month of work you will be presented to a personal manager to get a feedback and an advice for each your step.

You do NOT need to:
* invest your money
* have a deep investment knowledge (we'll give you the basics)
* find clients, make cold calls, etc.

On the salary: beginner employees are guaranteed an annual salary of $24,000. For owners of a scientific degree and MBA the base rate is significantly higher. After passing a test in the first month of work all authorized employees receive a cellphone in their own use (iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy S4 to your taste + a contract paid by the firm) as well as a Dell laptop or MacBook Air. 
Along with a basic salary employees receive a commission on each operation. Depending on success at the end of each quarter, an employee receives a bonus. 

On the professional perspectives: in the upcoming 9 months we are planning to open 4 offices in the U.S. (in the biggest US cities, including your city). If you do not prefer working remotely we will be able to offer you a new position in the office (it’s up to you). Heads of offices will be hired from the most active and successful employees and everyone has a chance to lead it. 
Until May 2014 this position is fully remote. 

I’m attaching an official job offer and I want to ask you to send us the most convenient phone number to reach you.
The offer could be signed either electronically (and sent back via email) or physically (and sent via fax (347)230-5922).

We're looking forward to your response.

European Investment Inc
Natalie Cal, HR