Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gold Star Careers Is A Scam (Career Networks)

The fake job company Career Networks now has branched out to offer fake employment on an additional name...Gold Star Careers, located at the URL of It's a carbon copy of the same front page of Career Networks contained in this blog elsewhere.

I just WISH there was some sort of recourse to shut these scammers down!!

Wujiang Wanlida Textitle Company Job Scam

Funny, no faster than I posted about Career Networks, another scam email about a scam job came in from China or allegedly China. You can never be too sure these days.

This one is a bit interesting because the company hiring needs you as an employee to have "a good credit rating with your bank. and may also have a line of credit (LOC) or equity line of credit with your bank. This is to boast our confidence in
you and to also ensure that the problems of funds misappropriation is

That's sort of funny to me to say that about needing a good credit rating with your bank and a line of credit to boost confidence that I won't, as an employee divert funds for my own good.

And this desire for me having an excellent credit rating is supposed to make me feel better about a job with this scammer?

I am not sure I really do.

But I digress, here's the verbatim email I received:

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is my pleasure to write you in respect of our Company Wujiang Wanlida
Textile Co., Ltd situated at No 6 Third District Nanshan Road Shengze
Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province, Peoples Republic Of China.

Wujiang Wanlida Textile Co., Ltd is a worldwide company that specializes
in sales and export of textile materials and office equipment. A world
leader in Textile industry, Wujiang Wanlida Textile Co., Ltd aim to be an
alert, robust and innovative global company. Our growth can be compared to
that of a tree. We believe businesses,products and services grow through
people, their vision and commitment.

We are searching for committed, hardworking and representative staff that
can help us establish a medium of getting to our costumers in the
Canada/America and Europe as well as making payments through you to us.
You may also be required to represent and advise the company in your area
in issues that concern us. As part of our company’s policy and to qualify
as our payment receiving agent / representative, you must have a good
credit rating with your bank. and may also have a line of credit (LOC) or
equity line of credit with your bank. This is to boast our confidence in
you and to also ensure that the problems of funds misappropriation is

We reward people and efforts that make us grow. To this end, you shall be
entitled to a 10% commission for any cash that you collect on our behalf
and also a token for your advisory role for our products in your region.

Subject to your satisfaction you will be given the opportunity to
negotiate your mode of payment for your services rendered as our
representative/agent in Canada, America, and Europe.

Wujiang Wanlida Textile Co., Ltd.

Selected Products
Jacquard Fabric
Jacquard Fabric Cotton Satin
Cotton Satin Printed Satin
Printed Satin Twisted Satin
Twisted Satin
(Click the orange-framed product pictures for 3 dimensional views.

If interested forward information below to us .

3.SEX: 4.AGE:
13.Zip Code:

To these:

Note that no form of payment will be requested upfront in this endeavor.
On our receipt of the above details we shall forward to our
customer/clients to immediately contact you with the mode of payment.

Kindest Regards,

1,Mr. Shao, Miss Sally
Company Directors.
2,Rev,Hang Pyo
International Sales coordinator
Tel: +865-230-1965

Intake Representative Job Scam By Career Networks

Hey everyone, well, after a few months of relative quiet, Career Networks appears to be coming back again offering fake jobs to lure you in and then giving you information about how to further your college education.

This particular offer shown below comes from Mary Ashford, an HR manager with a company giving a convincing description of why this should be one I should apply for with their company.

She doesn't mention she won't return emails asking for more details about the job like its location.

No way, that would mean she or he or it would have to divulge more information that is of somewhat great benefit for job seekers.

I have read and posted comments from others about changing your email address to keep these types of emails from coming to a main account when you are job seeking but I've decided to keep the email the same and continue to document these types of job email scams.

I too am again looking for work after my last job fell through.

Anyone out there have any LUCK with actual jobs with Career Networks? You can read back on the blog history to learn more about my experience and the experience of others with this totally fake job website/organization.

Good luck everyone!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Hello Xxxxxxxx,

We have recently been notified about an available Intake Representative position that may interest you. Candidates must thrive in a team environment, have strong organizational and communication skills, along with excellent computer skills, and be able to handle high volume telephone work.

The Intake Representative position offers great benefits and $13.46 / hour.

If a career change is something you are considering, or if this position is of interest to you, please follow the link below to a page that will provide you with a complete description and an opportunity to apply:

We will be expecting your prompt response later today.

Best of Luck,

Mary Ashford
Director of HR

I-wish_to be taken_off your_mailing list.

Career-Network, Inc.-- P.O. Box 618305-- Orlando, FL 32861-8305

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ask Me Anything Added In Box To The Right

I've recently added a link to the right to ask me anything about the blog you may wish to know. You can send any question and I'll do my best to answer it for you back on this very spot. Thanks for stopping by today!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010 Elena From Russia--Who Is This Person??

I am not sure I'd classify this email as a scam but I'm wondering what the real story is behind this type of email shown below. What is interesting is the person who emailed me is supposedly named Elena but she (or he) is sending the email from the header as if you choose to reply to the email or if you wish to email her and not click on "reply".

Has anyone had any experience with these types of emails and replied out of curiosity? And if you did reply, what did you say and what else did you receive back by email?

Now...on to the email message:

My name is Elena. I think my email for you is surprise. And i hope it is a nice surprise.
I think you will have a question about "where did i find yours email address. I used a services of dating agency, They asked me what kind of men i like, and then they offer me to start a correspondence with you via email.
This agency said me that your email address they found at dating site.

And now i want to tell you a little about myself. I hope it will be inetersting for you and we countinue our dating.

As i said you before my name is Elena. And i am 29 years old. And i am absolutely lonely girl.
I was born and live now in Russia in small town in central part. The name of my town is Pavlovo.
My birthday is 18 of December. My sign of zodiak is Sagittarius. I have no children, but i love them.
And i think that children love me too. Because i can talk easy with them. And i am sure i can be perfect mother in future.
I have parents, mother and father, they are pensioners. And i live separately from them now. I live alone.

Ofcourse, you will ask about my work. I work as a librarian in school library. I like read books very much, and i happy that my work with books and children.
It is a little about myself. I hope it was interesting for you, and we will countinue our corespondence.
I will be waiting your answer very much. Please tell me some about yourself too. And if you can send me your photo.
I sending you my photo with this email. And hope you will answer me quickly.
My email

Yours new friend from Russia. Elena.

Xpress Finances.Com

And one final thing....on the website for this allegedly legitimate company...notice where the company is located and the one number located in Midvale, UT for English people here in the United States. By the way the number is 801-684-7704 is unlisted. The email address for the company is also listed as a gmail account and shown as

Click here for more information on the company Xpressfinances.

Please feel free to comment and I will post anyone who has had success or failures with this particular company.

Thanks for stopping by!! Whois Information

I needed to come back regarding that email from

Here's the whois information from this person:

WHOIS results for
Not Available
Visit for more information about XPRESSFINANCES.COM

Registrant: Make this info private
J Graeter, Timothy

5717 Oak Valley Rd
Kettering, OH 45440


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Administrative Contact , Technical Contact :
J Graeter, Timothy
5717 Oak Valley Rd
Kettering, OH 45440
Phone: 9375107964

Record expires on 16-Jan-2011
Record created on 16-Jan-2010
Database last updated on 16-Jan-2010

Domain servers in listed order: Manage DNS


Show underlying registry data for this record

Current Registrar: NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC.
IP Address: (ARIN & RIPE IP search)
IP Location: PA(PANAMA)
Lock Status: clientTransferProhibited
DMOZ no listings
Y! Directory: see listings
Data as of: 23-Apr-2008

Worthy of note as well, the contact number showing for this individual on whois is a cell phone number with Verizon cell service.

I'm trying to figure out what to do next. I'm somewhat a novice for this sort of thing so anyone who has done this before, please feel free to comment.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Steven Alexander Fake Job "2010 year offer for USA citizens. New Job vacations"

Well, it's been a little while since I've received fake job scams but this one arrived in my email box today. Here's the verbatim email allegedly from a person by the name of Steven Alexander with a reply to email address of which goes completely contrary to the letter that says as below it was "This is not a Bulk Message. E-mail marketing campaign was officially bought from Yahoo Mail!"

But anyway, here's the verbatim email:


We are European company, searching for partners in USA. Being formed in 1999, we have great experience in international finance and law areas. We have wide network of partners and customers in Europe, Australia, Asia. We provide our customers with high-level financial services, such as incorporation, account services, cashing and money transfers, loans. We also offer our clients legal services. We are member of EBA (European Business Association), German Consumer and Business Network (GCBN) and associated member of European Legal Advisors League. We also are in close contact with major European banks, such as BNP Paribas, Drezdner Bank and Parex Banka.

If you have any questions or want to submit application form, please, visit our website at

We are looking for partners in USA. Vacancy is called Financial Manager.
Our requirements are:
Age - 21+
USA citizenship
Good credit rating

If you are existing business owner (own LLC or S-Corporation), we can offer great opportunities as most of our big clients work with companies only, and amounts that you will be working with, will be from USD30,000 to USD150,000 per transfer. Personal Financial Managers (who have personal bank account), can earn from USD3,000 to USD9,000 a month.

Our job is commission based, you get 5% from incoming transfer, and all fees are paid from our part. We can arrange up to 3 transfers per week after we are confident you can work with big amounts of money.

About taxes. You are responsible for your income, for 5%. 95% of the transfer is our company income, and we pay taxes here. We have consultings with IRS and got oficial response that partner is not responsible for taxes for 95% of transfer.

Last one, why do we need you? There is a law in European Union, that forces companies to pay approx 20% from incoming transfer as Value Added Tax (VAT) from any transfer received from overseas. But if we get transfer from our partner (you act as our agent in USA), we have to pay almost 3,5% from that amount. That saving allows us to give you income, and make our services cheaper than other companies. Everything is confirmed with authorities, we are working for more than 3 years with that scheme, and had no problems at all.
For you, that job means new contacts, income, career. There are no investments upfront, our company pays for anything.

If you have any questions or want to submit application form, please, visit our website at or email us at

Thanks for your time and God Bless.

P.S. This is not a Bulk Message. E-mail marketing campaign was officially bought from Yahoo Mail!

Oh yeah it's still a scam. Anyone else have any comments on it? I'll post more later.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fake Email From Vincent Ramsey With Money Offer

"Vincent Ramsey"
Add sender to Contacts

First and foremost I want to introduce myself to you. My Name is Vincent Ramsey Son to Late Dr. Mathew Ramsey. I am 21yrs old
Boy and my Sister is 8yrs. Our Father was killed during rebel crisis and we are now in a refugee camp.our consignment contains Thirty five million United States dollars. The consignment gets abroad through the help of a U.N diplomat Christopher Kwame. The fact is that Mr. Christopher Kwame is supposed to have delivered this consignment to Miss Cynthia William
The week Mr. Christopher Kwame was suppose to deliver the consignment to her,when he got to the airport after clearing the consignment ,he called Miss Cynthia William to tell him the description to her house for the delivery, but her Housemaid answered the call and told Mr. Christopher Kwame that Miss Cynthia William had a fatal car accident which lead to her death,that was why Mr. Christopher Kwame has to deposit the consignment with a warehouse over there and called us to informed us about what is happening.Please good parent out there I seek for you to stand as the Beneficiary / God Loving Parent to get in contact with the Diplomat so that he can be able to deliver the Consignment to you.Contact Mr.Kwame on time via email on ( OR and get back to us as soon as you have got in touch with him
God bless you

Thanks and God bless you
Vincent & Jane Ramseys