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Dalanche Operations Officer Fake Job Scam

And here's another email I just received from another company that immediately wants to hire me without an interview after simply seeing a resume that I supposedly placed online.

Below is a screen shot of the location. Notice far below the internet domain registration by a James Corey of 580 Geary Street in San Francisco. This is funny because that is the same location of a restaurant called the Millennium Restaurant in San Francisco. And to make matters even more suspect, notice the email address on the company website of It's fake because it's going to a email domain.

Geez. Please read on for the verbatim email I received plus the following domain look up for the actual website itself to prove why I believe it's a same without any shadow of a doubt.

Below is that email:

Good afternoon
We have seen your CV and desire to forward to you you to our available job offer.
Dalanche enjoys cooperation with numerous first rate industry professionals and business associates. And this rewards us with accumulated knowledge and experience. Thus, we are capable of handling almost any issue that a small business may need assistance with.
Dalanche is eager to make a real difference for each of our clients. We are an action-based corporation. We are confident that new offers for us would come from word of mouth recommendations from our present day customers. We are doing our best to ensure that our customers are delighted with the work we do for them.
We tend to exceed the expectations of our clients and deliver error free service aimed at assisting small businesses with their development.

We employ Operations Officer who can monitor the payment of our clients in the local area.

Responsibilities and duties of the Operations Officer:
Keeping accurate records of operations
Monitor and control the flow of payments

Employees must have:
One year experience.
High School or GED some college preferred.

Salary based on experience.

If you became interested in this job offer please reply to and we will send to you the completed job description.

Dalanche Team.

Hey it's me again. You can actually visit the website of this fake job by going to but it just can't be a real company or job. I'll post more later with information on the website. The website just looks nice and clean and well written but there is no way this job or this company is legitimate.

Have a good week ahead everyone!!

P.S. If you search and do a "whois" on the domain, you will see the following information which just doesn't add up, either for the name or address of the person that supposedly created this website. And look far below where it . That is also without a doubt a fake name and address for James Corey on "Geary Street" in San Francisco.

Please be careful those who might be considering this company for employment.

It's not real.

Here's the whois information:


Domain name: DALANCHE.COM

Created On: 6/15/2011 11:52:50 AM
Expires On: 6/15/2012 11:52:50 AM
Last Updated On: 6/15/2011 11:52:50 AM
Domain Status:

Registrant [PAK11061566872-1]:
James Corey
580 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: 1.415441012 Ext:
Fax: 1.

Administrative Contact [PAK11061566872-2]:
James Corey
580 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: 1.415441012 Ext:
Fax: 1.

Billing Contact [PAK11061566872-4]:
James Corey
580 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: 1.415441012 Ext:
Fax: 1.

Technical Contact [PAK11061566872-3]:
James Corey
580 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: 1.415441012 Ext:
Fax: 1.

Domain servers in listed order:

Rachelle Alicea Procurement Manager Fake Job Scam

I apologize for the break. I've been away helping with an ill family member. I found this fake job in my email box this morning from a supposed Rachelle Alicea. They supposedly for the text of the email found my resume on Careerbuilder but I've never posted it for anyone on there.

Below is the email exactly as it came into my email box:

Our firm have found your resume in CareerBuilder jobseeker's database resume base reviewed it and consider you to be a perfect candidate for the job which we offer.
Firm: Trend House Company
Vacancy Title: Procurement
Employment Type: Full Time and Part Time
Salary: USD38,000.00-62,600.00 plus
Field: Consumer Products
Relocation Offered: No
Location: GA, FL, SC, NC, OH, VA, MD, PA. You are free to reply if you are interested but your state is not indicated.
Please do not respond unless you are 21 years.
Please do not respond if you are not a U.S. Person.

Trend House Company is a full service supply business working with individual and other customers in many industries. The idea of the listed position is to provide leadership for the successful management and increment of the global supply chain. You will be responsible to create a proactive S/C group, aimed toward continuous improvement.

The employee will be responsible for creation the methodologies, patterns and goods required for the creation of business processes that are intensive, thorough, complete, helpful, and consistent throughout all Consumers. This job will be responsible for administrating the process of collaborating with the appropriate stakeholders and maintaining the Procurement business processes, and defining the roles and obligations associated with the Sourcing and Procurement processes.

Duties of the Role:
- Track and report on vendor on-time delivery; working through any situations that could impact the business function and elevating concerns as required
- Utilize supply planning data to develop an inventory ordering cost
- Utilize analytical findings and tools to detect issues, settle problems, and support supply chain direction
- Analyzing the goods quotes and bid model to decide a total assortment cost
- Process purchase tasks and work with supply base to ensure well-timed shipping
- Manage back-up duties for other buyers

Personal minimum:
- Strong time management skills
- Ability to work in fast moving environment; with limited monitoring and drive initiatives
- Ability to to perform basic mathematical computations
- Ability to work with employees at all levels of the organization to achieve positive results
- Ability to write standard documentation, policies and procedures
- Must have experience working for a consumer products or packaging manufacturer
- Must have working understanding of the following Business Process Areas: Product Sourcing,Contract Management, Invoicing&Supplier Connectivity, Procurement Compliance and Controls, Warehouse Management

What's in it for you:
-Good pay plus commissions
-Room for growth
- Flexible Spending Accounts

Base Pay depending on qualifications.

If you would like to apply please respond to this email and indicate your interest.

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