Monday, December 16, 2013

Grand Consult Group Job Scam

It's been a very long time since I've posted here so the blog has gotten a bit stale. But not be outdone I received the following job offer in my in box that has to do with check cashing scams that are all so common out there in the fake job world.

Below is the verbatim email:

Good afternoon
  We are pleased to inform let know you that we start recruiting search for
the  Operations Assistant vacancy
We do not discriminate in practices employment on the basis of an
individual's race, color, national ethnic origin,  age sexual orientation,
veteran status, disability, or any other prohibited category set forth in
federal or state regulations.

JOB POSITION: Operations Assistant (home-sourced)

- Must be able to work independently;
- Must be detail oriented and organized accountable; 
- Must be able to work well with others;
- PC proficient in Windows environments.

Duties Charge:
- Process payments money orders from customers;
- Check and verify transactions to ensure consistency and accuracy of
accounting documents;
- May assist in the training and guiding of staff.

To apply please send your Resume: 
I'll post more about this later but for now just be careful. The job reads as a scam processing payments and wiring money with fake money orders or checks that come to you that you process and send elsewhere.  

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Melissa S. Kelty / Jimmy A. Soares Hammond Garant Limited Job Scam Application

And our kind reader also provided us an email copy of the actual application for "employment" below. Notice as you read through the application the scammer can't even spell "major" correctly:


-  Last _______________________    - First ______________________________________


-  Street ___________________  -  City/State _______________________  -  Zip ______________                       

Contact Information:

- Home Telephone +44 _____________________________________
Available on the phone from: ____________ (AM/PM) till ____________ (AM/PM)

- Mobile Telephone +44 _____________________________________
Available on the phone from: ____________ (AM/PM) till ____________ (AM/PM)

- Emai: ________________________________

Date of Birth: _________________________

Nationality: _______________________
 Language skills: ___________________________

Have you been convicted of or pleaded no contest to a felony?    ______________

Have you ever had any bank account in United Kingdom ?    ________________
 (On this account you will receive money for the training courses from the company side and money for your job (daily or weekly). All given information as strictly confidential will not be shared with any third parties.
- If yes, please, specify:
Ø     Bank Name:   ________________
Ø     Account Number:  ____________________
Ø     Sort Code Number:  __________________

Days/Hours Available: 

Monday          _____________
Tuesday          _____________
Wednesday     _____________                
Thursday         _____________
Friday              _____________

Work experience (not obligatory): ________________________________________

Employee  ________________

Job Application Form
United Kingdom

This Agreement is a Contract between you (hereinafter referred to as theEmployee”) and Hammond Garant Limited  (hereinafter referred to as the Company”) "we", "our" or "us" as appropriate.
This Agreement describes your and our rights and responsibilities in the context of providing services related Finance Assistant training courses.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants herein contained, the Parties hereto agree as follows:

1.1. The present Agreement comes into force and is considered valid provided the following conditions are observed.
1.2. The Agreement is signed by both parties or all incurred terms and conditions are observed by the Client.

2.1. The Parties acknowledge the legal force of documents' records received via communication channels equal and as effective as the documents made in writing.

3.1. Finance Assistant is liable to:
3.1.1. Follow the provisions of the present Agreement
3.1.2. Provide and confirm the following data: Legal status of the residence in the country. Bank account valid for accepting payments from company side for the job and money for the training courses. Telephone number available to be contacted by the Senior Manager.
3.1.3. Devote 2-3 business hours per day of free time to be spent for training courses.
3.1.4. Receive money on his/her account for the following purposes: salary, money for the training, payment for taxes and fees to Employee from Company.

3.2.1. To follow all the provisions of the Agreement.
3.2.2. Starting salary is £400 per week (full -time) and £340 per week (part - time) , paid in biweekly installments by your choice of check or direct deposit.
3.2.3.. Performance Bonuses: Up to three percent of your annual gross salary, paid quarterly by your choice of check or direct deposit. The training period wage shall amount £300 for 10 training days, £30 for each training day.
3.2.4. To provide Employee with all company benefits during the training period.
3.2.5. To advise Employee on all questions related to cooperation during the period of the Agreement as stipulated herein.

Company benefits shall include:
4.2 Annual stock options
4.3 Child daycare assistance
4.4 Education assistance
4.5 Health, dental, life and disability insurance
4.6 Sick leave
4.7 Vacation and personal days
4.8 Money from company side for all purposes related to the job: Internet, cell phone, training, bank fees and taxes.

5.1. The Parties bear responsibility for non-performance or inadequate performance of their liabilities in the context of the present Agreement in accordance with the governing law of the UK and with respect of the provisions of the present Agreement.

6.1. Neither Party shall be liable for any delay or nonperformance of any provision of the present Agreement due to force majeure circumstances arising after the date of conclusion of the Agreement.
6.2. The following circumstances shall be acknowledged as force majeure events: fire, explosion, flood or other natural and industrial catastrophe; terror; warfare; strikes or labor difficulties; other unforeseen or precluded circumstances preventing the Parties to follow their liabilities stipulated by the Agreement.
6.3. The Party shall notify the other as promptly as practicable, but no later than 3 (three) working days of the occurrence of a force majeure event herewith. Failure or the delay to notify the other Party of force majeure events shall not release the Party from its liabilities hereunder.


After the first part of the training in e-Commerce Services for payment systems I will be available to meet my manager face to face in my local area for the continuation of the training.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned have executed this Agreement as of the day and year first written above. The parties hereto agree that facsimile and E-mail signatures shall be as effective as if originals.

Hammond Garant Limited
Jimmy A. Soares                                                                   

Melissa S. Kelty Hammond Garant Limited Fake Job Scam

I apologize for being missing in action. Below are the details on a scam that was alerted to me by a reader I'll call James. It's for sure a scam but he wanted to be sure we shared it with our readers so hopefully nobody will get caught up in the scam.

Below is the job description:

Hammond Garant Limited

60 Wall Street, New York City, NY 10005, USA, registration number – 771045227  

Hammond Garant Limited  is the world's favorite provider of online Internet foreign exchange tools and services. Independent rankings consistently confirm that more people - and websites - use our wide variety of currency tools than any others.

Our company is continuously moving forward, as we have traditionally emphasized the quality of our services. In nearly all of the promising areas of development in the Forex industry Howell International Management has developed and implemented its own proprietary solutions, which often do not have analogues on the market. Since June 2012 we have offered trading accounts which often do not have any analogues on the market. Now, along with the advantages you get from trading with the immediate execution of orders in Forex Mini and Forex Classic accounts, our clients have access to all the possibilities of direct access to interbank liquidity in Forex ECN accounts!

Our aim is to provide a fully transparent brokerage service that prides itself on delivering clients interbank prices, licensed and regulated services and a secure trading environment. Traders are provided with first-class support giving clients worldwide complete confidence in our business as their preferred forex broker.

Vacancy Information-Finance Assistant

We are hiring people from UK willing to work in an international team of high-skilled professionals of economy and finance for all the positions listed below. Any special experience is not required because our training managers ready to prepare you and provide all the information.

The position is considered as office-based and home-based, so that you may choose flexible working hours and your future schedule for part-time or full-time-employment.


-          Effective Account management to deliver against agreed plans.

-          Manage the day-to-day running and coordination of accounts and projects.

-          Onsite Project Management.

-          Inform and communicate with Project Coordinators to ensure the smooth running of events.

-          Develop and monitor project timelines, in conjunction with Account Director and project team.

-          Monitor sales and stock performance of customer.

-          To ensure that all relevant compliance tasks are completed within timescale.

-          To provide assistance and support to the all members of staff where required.

-          To undertake any other duties as requested by management on an ad-hoc basis.

Working hours:

-    Full Time - Monday to Friday (09.00 – 18.00)

-    Part Time - 2-3 hours during the day (3-6 days per week)


The company are offering a salary FULL TIME £22000; PART TIME £15500 and a full package to include:

-          25 days’ holiday plus 8 public holidays;

-          Bonus,

-          Pension and bonus schemes;

-          Fully expensed car;

-          Pension;

-          Life assurance and healthcare.

Starting  salary is £400 per week (full -time) and £340 per week (part - time), paid in biweekly installments by your choice of check or direct deposit (it will be agreed with you personally already on 1st interview).

Performance Bonuses:  Up to three percent of your annual gross salary, paid quarterly by your choice of check or direct deposit.

Company is a professional trader education company that provides education to its students regarding trading on financial markets of USA and Europe. Before you start to work you should pass a free 10-days training course to practice with company’s software and several financial services to be prepared to perform any of your responsibilities for the position. After you successfully finish the training courses, you become a company’s employee and will get a certified specialist.

If you are interested in the position and ready to start working, please fill out the attached employment application and send it in reply to this e-mail address.  You can fill it out on your PC or print it out and fill it by hand (in that case please write block letters; illegible applications may be excluded from consideration).  You will be contacted by a company manager within 48 hours. You can start the training course within 1-4 business days after signing the application.

Friday, March 8, 2013

MIchael Huggin

The job scammers must be getting a little bit smarter than they used to be. Now they don't include a website or contact information to check up. They just now give a very basic email with limited information in hopes you take the bite and ask for more information.

Below is one I received today from Michael Huggin of the Customer Service Network:

We offer employment to all people and provide a guarantee.
Is often the case where several cases of fraud in the name of
mystery On behalf of the companies offering higher salaries
and comprehensive service and ensure your personal safety as a
candidate. Our company will pay you $250 per work you do.

Payment Check/Money order will be in a Certain Amount
That you will be asked to cash your Bank, garnish your
wages and have the rest used for evaluation.


- First/Last Name :
- PhysicalAddress :
- City :
- State :
- ZipCode :
- PhoneNumber :
- Sex & Age :
- CurrentJob :
- EmailAddress :

Your response would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.

Michael Huggin
Customer Service Network
This reads like the classic job scam involving cashing checks quicking and wiring money elsewhere and you are paid based on wiring the money elsewhere. Classic scam!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Virtuoso Luxury Travel Network Scam Gerald Walker

Below is another job scam:

Virtuoso is the market’s biggest luxury travel network, where
self-sufficient travel companies receive sales, marketing and technology
sustainment, specialized teachinig and accreditation programs, as well as
exclusive services and products.
The Luxury Travel Network network offers certified independent agents the
ability to:
             Work from the comfort of your home
             Become Virtuoso partner
             Earn motivating bonuses
             Offer specific rates and exclusive amenities for your buyers.

Now we have collected a long list of travel inquiery from  our dedicated
clients who want to book holiday to the USA.  Many of these customers will
come for the first time.  The American tourism business is advantageous so
we must always be at the best.  Because of the huge number of travel orders
we wish to hire new Virtual Vacation  Assistants.

This is a very rewarding home based work opportunity.  You will receive,
230 USD (commission) of each order that you handle every week.  You will 
get  two or three requests per week, this amount will grow over time.  
In case you are interested, please fill out the details below and send them
back to us to:
First and last name:
Current address: 
Phone   :
Phone 2 :
Email   :
Occupation :
Best regards
Gerald Walker

Rylee Fuentes Job Scam Distant Manager

I apologize for the delay but my email account got the mean time, I discovered a few new job scams:

I'm a head-manager of our Human Resources.
Please allow me to take few minutes of your time.
First, this Email may be a good start of your successful career, or just a way for additional income.
Second, your contact was provided by the job-site where you recently posted your resume.
Third, on comment we received concerning your CV, I’m kindly asking you to seriously consider this position.

Now let me explain the basic point of our company's business.
We are devoted to provide the best-in-industry transportation services for our clients outside of the USA. We proceed correspondence and packages worldwide, directly to its destination.

Our team is a full service logistics company known for maintaining personalized, end-to-end transportation, logistics, and warehousing services to our clients in the USA and Europe.
Due to fast development of market conditions, we would like to offer you a position of Part-Time Assistants in our new personalized transportation program.

This position includes directly conducting activities related to transportation support, including project assessment and planning, to proceeding and receiving client’s purchases and orders through services with which we co-operate FEDEX, UPS, USPS.  

• Type of Position: 
Part-time, salaried monthly+commissions up to $2.200 and even more.

• Position located: 
home based, distant
We are currently looking for self-motivated, over 21 years old persons with permanent US address, good credit history and clean police record.

• Candidate must have:
Permanent US address
PC/notebook with an internet access

• If you feel that you are a good fit for our company do not hesitate to respond to this Email by pressing button “reply” I or another assistant will help you to go  through the app. process.

• If you want us to disregard you for this position, or you received this Email by mistake, please do not answer within the next 4 days and your candidature will be removed from our records automatically, and no further offers will be made.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Denise Omeara Job Scam

Sorry to be missing in action lately...I owe some longer posts but I wanted to share a job scam shared by one of our readers today. Below is the verbatim email:

Vacancy Title: Purchasing Specialist
Base Pay: $55,000.00-84,900.00 plus
Field: Retail
Due to coming expansion intention, an international procurement service company is now seeking an energetic, goal-oriented, and enterprising applicants to hold the above indicated post.
The position involves liaising with clients and managing processes in a fast paced circumference, reacting to clients desires rapidly and professionally. This is part time position with base pay. There is NO essential fee to apply. There is NO relocation essential.
This position has extensive opportunity for growth and advancement, as the business grows.
- Help senior management in sourcing new items and stores
- Operate closely with financial manager with regard to shipping costs, and mismatches.
- Prepare and process purchase orders Coordinate the work time-schedule for the portage planning division;
- Check receipts of delivery. Review and process shipping slips from suppliers related to merchandise
- Regulate occasions with corporate sales director
- Examine prices and ask for propositions
Personal capabilities:
- Extensive knowledge of MS Office Suite
- Must be a multi-tasker, who can take additional projects and operate with them
- Have to be self-disciplined and dependable team player with excellent math and communication knowledge
- Good interpersonal skills allowing you to create nice working relationships with clients
- Have to keep efficacy of scheduling serviceable initiatives
- Must be a confident self-starter, energetic and persuasive, used to delivering to standards and deadlines. You have to be able to negotiate issues which may be difficult, contentious or punctilious.
The person is required to have a Valid Driver's license.

If you become aware you have the indicated skills and would like to be approved for this vacancy or would like to get all details, please reply to this email and indicate your resume.