Thursday, March 7, 2013

Virtuoso Luxury Travel Network Scam Gerald Walker

Below is another job scam:

Virtuoso is the market’s biggest luxury travel network, where
self-sufficient travel companies receive sales, marketing and technology
sustainment, specialized teachinig and accreditation programs, as well as
exclusive services and products.
The Luxury Travel Network network offers certified independent agents the
ability to:
             Work from the comfort of your home
             Become Virtuoso partner
             Earn motivating bonuses
             Offer specific rates and exclusive amenities for your buyers.

Now we have collected a long list of travel inquiery from  our dedicated
clients who want to book holiday to the USA.  Many of these customers will
come for the first time.  The American tourism business is advantageous so
we must always be at the best.  Because of the huge number of travel orders
we wish to hire new Virtual Vacation  Assistants.

This is a very rewarding home based work opportunity.  You will receive,
230 USD (commission) of each order that you handle every week.  You will 
get  two or three requests per week, this amount will grow over time.  
In case you are interested, please fill out the details below and send them
back to us to:
First and last name:
Current address: 
Phone   :
Phone 2 :
Email   :
Occupation :
Best regards
Gerald Walker

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Anonymous said...

Andreas Pichler
Today at 2:53 AM

Dear Mr. Andres Mendoza,

We refer to your queries as per your email reply on the subject job offer and we are happy to inform you that as regards your compensation, your sample computation is correct. As regards the employer, please refer to our worldwide website, for your information. Due to its worldwide coverage, the authority to sign on job contracts were assigned to our HR Managers in your area. The proceeds to be coursed to your name will be payments made by our traveler clients who made purchases of travel packages and confirmed to be legitimate business transactions. Rest assured that no money whose proceeds came from illegal and other related activities will be used in your job as Payment Officer of the company.

We will be happy to receive copies of documents required so we can start processing your employment profile ASAP and an appointment paper will be sent to you as a proof of your employment with Virtuoso Co. (EU).

Best regards,

Andreas Pichler

HR Manager

Good morning Mr. Pichler and Madame Bernadich:
Thank you for the information regarding the job opportunity.
Before proceeding I have the following questions:
I receive US $ 100 to my bank account or other financial institution, on your behalf
Rest (minus) US $ 10 as my fees
And US $ ? . Equal to 50% of cost to resend the money through Western Union to whom ever.
¿It´s this appreciation right?
For whom I´m going to work for: Full name, company name, address, phone number, mobile number, city and country
Money origins must be clearly specified within the agreement as from non illegal activities as and not limited to money laundering, drugs, prostitution, war, etc. Contract should also be signed by Company´s CEO on companies’ letterhead with full coordinates.
Thanking you in advance for your prompt and always kind answer,