Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rylee Fuentes Job Scam Distant Manager

I apologize for the delay but my email account got the mean time, I discovered a few new job scams:

I'm a head-manager of our Human Resources.
Please allow me to take few minutes of your time.
First, this Email may be a good start of your successful career, or just a way for additional income.
Second, your contact was provided by the job-site where you recently posted your resume.
Third, on comment we received concerning your CV, I’m kindly asking you to seriously consider this position.

Now let me explain the basic point of our company's business.
We are devoted to provide the best-in-industry transportation services for our clients outside of the USA. We proceed correspondence and packages worldwide, directly to its destination.

Our team is a full service logistics company known for maintaining personalized, end-to-end transportation, logistics, and warehousing services to our clients in the USA and Europe.
Due to fast development of market conditions, we would like to offer you a position of Part-Time Assistants in our new personalized transportation program.

This position includes directly conducting activities related to transportation support, including project assessment and planning, to proceeding and receiving client’s purchases and orders through services with which we co-operate FEDEX, UPS, USPS.  

• Type of Position: 
Part-time, salaried monthly+commissions up to $2.200 and even more.

• Position located: 
home based, distant
We are currently looking for self-motivated, over 21 years old persons with permanent US address, good credit history and clean police record.

• Candidate must have:
Permanent US address
PC/notebook with an internet access

• If you feel that you are a good fit for our company do not hesitate to respond to this Email by pressing button “reply” I or another assistant will help you to go  through the app. process.

• If you want us to disregard you for this position, or you received this Email by mistake, please do not answer within the next 4 days and your candidature will be removed from our records automatically, and no further offers will be made.

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