Monday, March 28, 2011

A&A Delivery Service Job Scam

Here's another job that doesn't really exist in real life I just received by email:

Our HR Department manager has read your curriculum vitae and would like offer a position in courier services at A&A Delivery Service.
The sway of good services demands new workforce, at the moment our company searches for . This work does not require any special knowledge or education in the field of courier services. Your suppleness and ability are among our cardinal requirements. They serve to to take the full advantage of your working schedule to to accommodate it to rather active layout of fulfilling different types of tasks in the sphere of courier services. Your time schedule is to be balanced to manage about 5-6 tasks per week.
The requirements for the position are the following:
-Internet access, phone number, and be available to receive assignments during the day
- efficiency in processing of orders;
- responsibility in carrying out your duties ;
- good communication skills;
- User-level PC, I-net, E-mail skills;
- E-documents management proven proficiency;
- Drive to develop the career;
- Working schedule optimization skills;
- Maturity age.

The salary is 1500$ during the first two trial months.After the probationary period the salary is 2500$ per month.The promotion is possible.

What Our Company Offers to you:

- Flexible working hours; Your working schedule looks as follows;
- Assignments from home: 3-4 hours, flexible schedule;
- Part-time job to combine with the general occupation;
- A wide range of career and professional possibilities;
- Training course with all the( information,instructions) sent to you adds up;
- For openings in our company write at to see the unrivaled growth potential, get a well-paid work, enjoy advancement and invaluable opportunity of studying.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Guest Post Coming Soon...

A reader recently sent me some information regarding scams and solutions and additional information. I plan to post that later today or likely tomorrow at the latest.

Thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Family Meds Solution PLC Job Scam Sherry Stephens

One of my readers of the blog sent me the following job scam

Below is the email:

Having seen your resume I would like to offer you a position with our
company. My name is Sherry Stephens and I am the International Human
Resource Manager of Familymeds Solution PLC. I am pleased to inform you that
we have an open position for you within our company.
Our company was founded in 1982 and it has quickly grown to be one of the
largest resellers in United Kingdom of medical equipment and apparatus as we
as in the rest of Europe. We have contracts exclusively with hospitals and
other medical companies and groups supplying several hundred types of
products ranging from surgical needles and syringes to MRI and EKG machines
and everything in between. Our partners include top manufacturers around the
world such as GE Healthcare, Medtronic, Baxter International, Tyco
Healthcare, Philips Medical Systems, Cardinal Health, Siemens Medical
Solutions, Zimmer Holdings, et cetera. Our company has grown very fast
during the last few years and now we have expanded our market and business
to the United States. As such we have a high demand in terms of job openings
in almost every state and we are looking for dedicated and hardworking
individuals to work for us and help us expand.
Our success is due to the fact that we are able to meet our customer's
demands in every shape or form and at any time. We are very flexible and we
can honor our orders when others cannot. Very fast delivery system combined
with the fact that we accept almost any type of payment and great customer
support are the reasons why we have been able to grow so fast and took us to
where we are today. We take great pride in what we do because it is not
always easy to satisfy all customer demands while still processing the
orders very fast and receiving payments for the products in a timely manner.
We need you to work for us and below you will find the job description and
what will be asked of you should you decide to accept our proposal.
Job description:

* NO SALES INVOLVED! Very limited contact: you will not be involved in
any kind of sales or contact with our customers;
* Zero fees policy: while performing this job you will encounter no
fees to be paid in advance whatsoever;
* Respect privacy: no employee from our company will ever ask you for
any sensitive information;
* Total transparency: everything you will do is legal under the
European Union/United States and International laws as they are currently

Your duties are:

* To receive payments from our customers which are mainly in form of
checks (only U.S. emitted checks, no international checks will be sent to
you; All check will be written in your name);
* Cashing the checks using your existing bank account; do not use
checks-cashing stores, they charge too much, sometimes even 10% of the total
value of the checks
* Forwarding as'' money in minutes'' by Western Union, we will pay all
money transfer fees after you will deduct your 10% commission from each
order you process.

Your benefits are:

* Commissions: 10% from each check your will process in the first
* Salary: within one month after receiving the first check you will
receive $1,000 as fixed salary.

This is a commission based job, the faster you process orders the more your
income will increase. This bonus is given to also cover internet, phone or
gas bills. Please note that this salary will be sent after 30 days have
passed since you received your first payment to process.

* Rewards for good performance: after two months of working for us an
increase to 15% commission from all payments might be applied to your
contract if you process and send all the transfers to us in a timely manner.
In this case you will be earning around $1,200-1,300 per week as well as the
$1,000 salary at the end of the month.

* Education reimburse

* Vacation (2 weeks for Exempt employees)
* 4 paid Company Holidays / 2 paid floating holidays
* Large and stable corporation

There are also bonuses for cashing the checks and sending the payment to us
very fast:

* Cash the check same day: $150 for each check;
* Cash the check within 24 hours: $100 for each check;
* Cash the check within 48 hours: $ 50 for each check.

The $1,000 salary will be sent to you in form of a cashier check.

The job opening is that of a Representative within the US. The today's
situation on the financial market requires us to open and fill several of
these job positions within our company. This opening will help our company
to reduce the time it takes to receive funding from orders that we receive
each month and we offer you one of the highest incomes on the market today
and the minimal expenditures of time.

With the number of orders we have we cannot put them on hold for fear of
losing our customers, secondly we cannot cash these payments from the US
soon enough, as international checks take about 28 working days to cash
anywhere in Europe. We lose a lot of time and money each month because we
have money transfer delays. Our clients could pay us where we want by
sending checks to an US address. What we need you to do is to provide us an
address where you can receive our customer checks. We need someone who can
receive the money through this method of payment. Regarding the check
process all you have to do is to receive the checks our customers will send
to your address, take them to your bank, cash them and send the remainder
amount to us after deducting all fees incurred and your commission. You will
always take your commission upfront. All fees for transferring the funds
will be supported from our share. Bonuses will apply for cashing checks
within 24 hours upon receiving a check.

We make direct contact for sales of products. Once orders are received and
processed we deliver the product to our customer (usually through USPS). The
customer receives and checks the product and proceeds to send the payment.
We accept all forms of payment but most of our customers pay using Bank
Checks and so to solve this problem and not lose any of our customers we
have decided to open this new job position. This job is legal according to
the U.S. legislation as it is today. Local money transfers take but a few
hours, so it will give us a possibility to get customer's payment almost


For example you receive a check as payment for 3000.00 USD, you deduct your
commission (10%): 300.00 USD and then send to us the balance: 2700.00 USD.
In the first month you will receive around 15-20 orders under 3,000.00 USD
to process and after checking your performance records during that first
month the orders you will receive, may increase from 3,000.00 upwards to
6,000.00 USD. For example 20 transactions each around 3000.00 USD gives you
a total income of 6,000.00 USD per month and after establishing a close
co-operation with us you'll be able to operate with larger orders and you'll
be able to earn more. You will also deduct fees that are related to this job
(gasoline, western union fees, bank commissions, etc.) from our balance, not
from your commissions. At first the checks you will receive will vary from:
$500.00 to $3,000.00. We will also send you a 1099 Form for tax deduction on
your part. Our payments will be issued out in your name and you can have
them cashed in your existing bank account, we don't accept newly created
bank accounts because it slows the cashing process. Deduct your percentage
and forward the balance to the company attorney manager via a western union
money transfer, the name will be given to you later after cashing a payment.
This job takes only 3-7 hours per week. You'll have a lot of free time for
taking up another job; you'll get good income and a regular job. This job is
very challenging and you should understand it. We are looking only for the
employee who satisfies our requirements and will be an earnest assistant.

We have health insurance and the 401K retirement savings plan as well as all
the other standard benefits that a major company usually provides.
Unfortunately we can only start talking about this after the first month has
passed since you're working for us. We consider the first month as a trial
period. In any case you do not have to pay for anything in advance; there
are no hidden costs for performing this job. Any fee you might encounter
will be deducted from our share of the funds before you send it to us.

You will receive next instructions step by step.

Unfortunately we cannot setup any interviews now, as we do not have any
representatives in US. We will be able to come to meet within the next few
months when the new offices will be opened in your area!

Please let me know if you are still interested. Within 24 hours after we
will receive this information we will forward you a copy of the contract you
have to fill in, sign and e-mail back to us.

Sherry Stephens
Familymeds Solution PLC
Grosvenor Street, Mayfair, W1K
United Kingdom
FAX 011-44-021-374-5721

Thursday, March 17, 2011

More On Collins Group Ltd Michael Wenz Job Scam

I've researched and found out more on the Collins Group Ltd Michael Wenz Job Scam. You'd be interested to know, thanks to a comment from a reader on the earlier blog, this company has a website you can visit by going to

I looked over the website myself and found the writing to be very good for a scam of a company and job opportunity. I did want to go to the contact us part of the company website to check on the phone numbers listed for contacting this fake company.

You can click on any pictures below to make them larger:

The Collins website lists the company under contacts as located in Troy, New York.

Specially if you look at the image above you will see the address of the company as 120 Defreest, Troy, New York, 12180.

The company contact telephone number is shown above as well as 315-889-8099. The fax machine shows to be at a completely different area code than the company at fax number, 585-410-6049.

I decided to go to my source for reverse look ups on telephone numbers by visiting When you type in the contact number for the company with the area code and number as below, you get a surprising result:

Notice the website shows this telephone number to belong to a location in Union Springs, New York as we see above. When you go to google maps, and map the distance between Union Springs, New York and Troy, New York, you will see it's a distance of over 170 to 190 miles away from each other.

In my opinion, an exchange from Union Springs, New York would not be a valid exchange to be utilized in Troy, New York unless it is not really at either location. I used to work in telecommunications and long distance in a prior position and I firmly believe the address for this company posted is not valid nor is the telephone number, though likely reliable to call the company as without fraud intentions.

And here's what Intellus had to say as well for this telephone number as the office number. I don't believe either company has made a mistake with this telephone number.

If that is not enough proof, google the fax telephone number for this company, 585-410-6049. You will see the results like below:

Notice even this month on the two links you can pull up on google by searching for the fax number below to two different supposedly fraudulent companies, one known as Behance Network and the other SEVG Ltd.

You can go and click on the links from google to read up on it more. Those scams and the same companies that are scams using the same fax numbers for supposedly different business practices are the main reason I'd not walk, but RUN far away from this company and whatever scam it is trying to operate.

Be careful everyone...this one REEKS of a scam for sure...not doubt in my mind? How about you?

P.S. Call it coincidence or not...but the company Collins Group Ltd for Michael Wenz also has the address of 120 Defreest and if you google that address, there's another Collins Company that appears to sell ink and it lists a distributor as ASMARC located in the same physical address as this fake Collins Group company.

I've placed the image below:

I've sent the Collins Ink company an email to ask if they are related to this fake Collins company shown on their website. I would welcome others to do this as well. I don't think this job is for real at all!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Collins Group Ltd Michael Wenz Job Scam

I just received the email below regarding a job with the Collins Group Ltd company which as all the others I document...reeks of a scam. The return address for the person is a Michael Wenz. The funny thing, the reply to for this fake job opportunity is Michael Wenz which is strange. The scammer can't even spell employment correctly. They list the email as usual give a way that the job is a scam and people don't know how to spell and don't bother to list a website, contact telephone number or any information vital to me or you as a jobseeker about what the company is all about.

I do notice they want my telephone number...I wonder if they want to call me to wrap me into this job they think I'm such a good match for by talking with me and obtaining more information or what. I might bait them and see where this one takes us...but lately it appears just like all the others...a fake job and anyone who contacts them takes valuable private information and puts it in their hands for scams or fraud or who knows what else can be done with it. Below is the verbatim email:

Hello Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx,

I am contacting you in regards with the job opportunity within the Company I represent.

Collins Group Ltd is pleased to offer you the position of Payment Processing Agent for our organization. We are excited about the potential that you may bring to our company.

We are a small respected IT Outsourcing company founded and based in United States. We mainly deal with the outsourcing of IT services to various companies all over the US and help to facilitate the delivery of those services internationally.

Your initial compensation package includes a monthly salary of $2,300 plus plus 8% commission from each transaction during the training period, full medical and dental coverage through our company's employee benefit plan.

No special knowledge is required since we provide training and one month probationary period for our applicants.

Should you request more information contact me via e-mail with your phone number and best time to call so our managers could contact you as soon as possible.
We at Collins Group Ltd hope that you'll accept this job offer and look forward to welcoming you aboard.

Yours truly,

Michael Wenz
Collins Group Ltd Company

Saturday, March 12, 2011

East West Trading Company Purchasing Manager Job Scam

I realize I'm behind on reporting back on the fake job scam with Mercet however I received a new fake job offer in my email box today shown below:

From: []
Sent: Friday, March 11, 2011 6:02 PM
Subject: Position advertisement

Title: Purchasing Manager
Company: East West Trading Company
Job Code:
Location: USA
Industries: Supply, Customers Services; Logistics, Retail/Reselling;
Product Planning & Buying
Functions: Consulting - Management; Logistics/Supply Chain; Import -
Export; Consumer Products
Job Type: Full /Part Time; Contractor
Job Conditions: Work at Home; Freelance
Compensation: $48,000- $69,800/year based on experience + cash commissions
Reports To: Supply Chain Manager


EWTrading Company is accepting job applicants for a Purchasing Manager to
accomplish and provide a solid voluminous buying and supply process.

Description: This is a logistics assistant job which includes the
purchasing goods, stuffs and equipment for company's individual customers.
Purchases may involve some specialty purchasing of non-routine or more
compound items requiring close review by a professional or administrative
superior. Work is performed under direct supervision but may be directly
supervised for special or temporary assignments. This position holds
attention to feature.

Main Obligations :
- Buying variable quantities of household appliances
- Complete own records that assist audit
- Composes necessary records to stores
- Other tasks may be assigned

We require :
- United States' Citizenship
- Good interpersonal skills including excellent written skills
- Adaptability person

To apply, please send a resume and a cover letter with salary desires to
email with subject Human Resources.

We are looking forward to talk over job questions with you.
EWT Company

If you would like do not receive this email in future, please send us at

When you check for the domain name of, you find the following information:

WHOIS information for :

[Redirected to]

The data in this whois database is provided to you for information
purposes only, that is, to assist you in obtaining information about or
related to a domain name registration record. We make this information
available "as is," and do not guarantee its accuracy. By submitting a
whois query, you agree that you will use this data only for lawful
purposes and that, under no circumstances will you use this data to: (1)
enable high volume, automated, electronic processes that stress or load
this whois database system providing you this information; or (2) allow,
enable, or otherwise support the transmission of mass unsolicited,
commercial advertising or solicitations via direct mail, electronic
mail, or by telephone. The compilation, repackaging, dissemination or
other use of this data is expressly prohibited without prior written
consent from us. We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time.
By submitting this query, you agree to abide by these terms.
Registration Service Provided By:
Whois Server:

Domain name:

Registrant Contact:
West Trading Company
Roderik Dudok
+410277226483 fax: +410277226487
Rue du Simplon 7
Martigny Canton of Valais 1920

Administrative Contact:
Roderik Dudok
+410277226483 fax: +410277226487
Rue du Simplon 7
Martigny Canton of Valais 1920

Technical Contact:
Roderik Dudok
+410277226483 fax: +410277226487
Rue du Simplon 7
Martigny Canton of Valais 1920

Billing Contact:
Roderik Dudok
+410277226483 fax: +410277226487
Rue du Simplon 7
Martigny Canton of Valais 1920


Created: 2011-02-16
Expires: 2012-02-16

The language indicates this job is a scam. The location indicates this is a scam. The domain registrar that does not respond to emails at indicates it is a scam. The country of origin for this company is not listed on the domain registration which indicates it is a scam. The website that is supposedly set up for this company under is under construction which makes me strongly believe it is a scam.

The salary is way too high for the position and it's so generic in a description of the job opportunity it can only be a scam

The job description says, "This is a logistics assistant job which includes the
purchasing goods, stuffs and equipment for company's individual customers."

This involves money laundering or you receiving a fake check that is bogus where you purchase merchandise, ship it out, then wire money to another person by Western Union and supposedly keep some money for your own use.

None of it rings true to anything but a scam.

Stay away from this one...far far away!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mrs. Rosemary Campbell Trunk Box Scam

I have received a large number of scam emails, mostly telling me I've won lotteries worth double digit millions since creating the email address of

Funny thing is I would think that with that sort of email account I wouldn't receive many emails involving scams.

But I did and I do. I will give you more information as promised on a prior job scam soon.

Here's one of those Nigerian scams from a Mrs. Rosemary Campbell:

Customers Service Hours--Monday to Saturday:
Office Hours Monday to Saturday:

Greetings !!!

We have been waiting for you to contact me for your Trunk Box worth $1,650,000.00 (One Million, Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States Dollars), being compensation fund for 150 scam victims, but I did not hear from you all this while.

I have deposited the Trunk Box with FEDEX COURIER SERVICE, West Africa, I traveled out of the country for a 3 Months Course and I will not be back until
completion of my 3 months course. What you have to do now is to contact the U P S COURIER SERVICE immediately to know when they will deliver your
consignment to you because of the expiring date.

For your information, I have paid for the delivery Charge, Insurance premium and Clearance Certificate Fee of the consignment showing that it is not a Drug Money or meant to sponsor Terrorism attack in your Country. The only money you will send to the U P SCOURIER SERVICE to deliver your Trunk Box direct to your
postal Address in your country is US$250 only being Security Keeping Fee of the Courier Company so far. Again, don't be deceived by anybody to pay any other
money except US$250.

I would have paid that but they refused, because they don't know when you will contact them and in case of demurrage. You have to contact the U P S COURIER
SERVICE now for the delivery of your Trunk Box with this information below:

Email Address:

Reconfirm the below information to the agent:
Full Name;........
Home Address;........

Let me repeat again, try to contact them immediately you receive this mail to avoid any further delay and remember to pay the Security Keeping fee of US$250
for their immediate action. You should also let me know through email as soon as you receive your consignment. Below is an attached copy of your trunk box.

Yours Faithfully,
Mrs. Rosemary Campbell