Monday, March 28, 2011

A&A Delivery Service Job Scam

Here's another job that doesn't really exist in real life I just received by email:

Our HR Department manager has read your curriculum vitae and would like offer a position in courier services at A&A Delivery Service.
The sway of good services demands new workforce, at the moment our company searches for . This work does not require any special knowledge or education in the field of courier services. Your suppleness and ability are among our cardinal requirements. They serve to to take the full advantage of your working schedule to to accommodate it to rather active layout of fulfilling different types of tasks in the sphere of courier services. Your time schedule is to be balanced to manage about 5-6 tasks per week.
The requirements for the position are the following:
-Internet access, phone number, and be available to receive assignments during the day
- efficiency in processing of orders;
- responsibility in carrying out your duties ;
- good communication skills;
- User-level PC, I-net, E-mail skills;
- E-documents management proven proficiency;
- Drive to develop the career;
- Working schedule optimization skills;
- Maturity age.

The salary is 1500$ during the first two trial months.After the probationary period the salary is 2500$ per month.The promotion is possible.

What Our Company Offers to you:

- Flexible working hours; Your working schedule looks as follows;
- Assignments from home: 3-4 hours, flexible schedule;
- Part-time job to combine with the general occupation;
- A wide range of career and professional possibilities;
- Training course with all the( information,instructions) sent to you adds up;
- For openings in our company write at to see the unrivaled growth potential, get a well-paid work, enjoy advancement and invaluable opportunity of studying.


Anonymous said...

How are you certain that this is a scam? They seem to have a legit website.

AnT said...

I am actually doing it and I started the last month and I have not been paid, needless to say they stop sending packages 2, but they get a month worth of work out of you hoping u don't steal anything. The last item shipped 2 me was a iphone something told me I should have used it, 2 make sure I got paid.

Anonymous said...

AnT, who is the person that you signed up with and their email? They guy I'm talking to is Maxim Bauer and their site is They sent me my 2nd package and I believe this is a scam now. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am currently "working" for A&A Delivery Service, via This is my final week of "training". Up until this week i have received at least 5 packages a week to forward to various foreign countries. This week i only received one.

Per Mark Nyland, i am supposed to "train" for a month, submit my direct deposit, W-4, & I-9 to the payroll department, to receive my check in about a week. I have reached out to the payroll department, however no one has responded. On top of that, the A&A Delivery Website has been shut down.

This sounds like the exact same scam.

Anonymous said...

I sent GTL Solutions my scanned drivers license to get started, then they asked for my paypal info and thats when I figured it was a scam. Im not doing it, but who knows what they can do with my license.