Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Intake Representative Job Scam By Career Networks

Hey everyone, well, after a few months of relative quiet, Career Networks appears to be coming back again offering fake jobs to lure you in and then giving you information about how to further your college education.

This particular offer shown below comes from Mary Ashford, an HR manager with a company giving a convincing description of why this should be one I should apply for with their company.

She doesn't mention she won't return emails asking for more details about the job like its location.

No way, that would mean she or he or it would have to divulge more information that is of somewhat great benefit for job seekers.

I have read and posted comments from others about changing your email address to keep these types of emails from coming to a main account when you are job seeking but I've decided to keep the email the same and continue to document these types of job email scams.

I too am again looking for work after my last job fell through.

Anyone out there have any LUCK with actual jobs with Career Networks? You can read back on the blog history to learn more about my experience and the experience of others with this totally fake job website/organization.

Good luck everyone!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Hello Xxxxxxxx,

We have recently been notified about an available Intake Representative position that may interest you. Candidates must thrive in a team environment, have strong organizational and communication skills, along with excellent computer skills, and be able to handle high volume telephone work.

The Intake Representative position offers great benefits and $13.46 / hour.

If a career change is something you are considering, or if this position is of interest to you, please follow the link below to a page that will provide you with a complete description and an opportunity to apply:

We will be expecting your prompt response later today.

Best of Luck,

Mary Ashford
Director of HR

I-wish_to be taken_off your_mailing list.

Career-Network, Inc.-- P.O. Box 618305-- Orlando, FL 32861-8305

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