Sunday, April 6, 2014

Natalie Cal Europen Investments Enterprise Job Scam

From time to time I receive emails from my many readers offering me additional job scams to share with my reading audience.

Today I received one from someone I shall call Melissa to protect her identity. This is yet another investment scam.

Below is her email:


Dear Melissa,

My name is Natalie Cal, European Investments Enterprise.
Thank you for applying for our vacancy on

We have reviewed your profile and think that you absolutely fit this position.
Let me tell you a bit more about the company and the position.

About the company: EU Investments was founded in 2003 in Warsaw (Poland) to help foreign private and corporate investors to choose investment objects in Europe. Our clients invest in virtual certificates, virtual currencies (such as bitcoin), real estate, and, especially, modern Internet Startups.
Investments vary from thousands of dollars (in case of individuals who purchase virtual certificates of precious metals and virtual currencies) up to millions of dollars (in case of corporate entities). From 2006 we’ve been actively developing and presenting our services to Europe and Asia. In 2014 we are opening our branches in the US.

About the position: the company is interested in "growing" its own professionals in this field who will find a place at every level of the working process, ranging from virtual certificates consultation to portfolio management. In this regard, restrictions on the professional level are not presented but without a doubt we would greatly appreciate you if you already have a similar experience (such as account management, negotiating, etc.). During the first month of work you will be presented to a personal manager who will oversee your actions 

As mentioned earlier this work could be considered as remote (work from home) and could be addition to your main work.

During the first 2 months in this position workers get familiar with different types of venture investments that our company deals with, they are explained how to place orders for them, write reports, etc.
* working for  2-3 hours a day during the first month. Working about 3-4 hours after the first month.
* carrying out venture investments for clients
* creating investment reports

During the first month of work you will be presented to a personal manager to get a feedback and an advice for each your step.

You do NOT need to:
* invest your money
* have a deep investment knowledge (we'll give you the basics)
* find clients, make cold calls, etc.

On the salary: beginner employees are guaranteed an annual salary of $24,000. For owners of a scientific degree and MBA the base rate is significantly higher. After passing a test in the first month of work all authorized employees receive a cellphone in their own use (iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy S4 to your taste + a contract paid by the firm) as well as a Dell laptop or MacBook Air. 
Along with a basic salary employees receive a commission on each operation. Depending on success at the end of each quarter, an employee receives a bonus. 

On the professional perspectives: in the upcoming 9 months we are planning to open 4 offices in the U.S. (in the biggest US cities, including your city). If you do not prefer working remotely we will be able to offer you a new position in the office (it’s up to you). Heads of offices will be hired from the most active and successful employees and everyone has a chance to lead it. 
Until May 2014 this position is fully remote. 

I’m attaching an official job offer and I want to ask you to send us the most convenient phone number to reach you.
The offer could be signed either electronically (and sent back via email) or physically (and sent via fax (347)230-5922).

We're looking forward to your response.

European Investment Inc
Natalie Cal, HR


Anonymous said...

I knew it. This is from Thank you!

Anonymous said...

$20,000 later.... I figured out I was being scammed.

Angela Scanlon said...

This company scammed me to they owe me a paycheck, never got it and I did all they asked. I have filed a complaint and given this to my Lawyer.

Angela Scanlon said...

This company owes me $2000 paycheck. I have filed a complaint and my Lawyer is handling this now.

Amy Dowds said...
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Anonymous said...

There's no money to be made here or other job scams like this. The only ones who make money are the scammers who con people into thinking the position is real employment.

Anonymous said...

>This company owes me $2000 paycheck.
I had the same doubts as you have but yesterday my first paycheck was arrived (I received it with a little delay because my manager was ill but anyway).

Amy Dowds said...

I have only had positive experiences with this company. I've made money

Anonymous said...

Looks like I've been taken for about $12k

Anonymous said...

Please remember my readers...anyone can say anything on this blog in comments. They can say they made money on these job scams or lost money. I feel people lose money because the scammers take your good money under the ruse of employment that simply does not exist. And for anonymous people to say they made money is likely just a way to attempt to give legitimacy to the fraud. So please be careful and make careful decisions.