Saturday, April 19, 2014

Transnational Immediate Delivery Company Job Scam

One of my readers I'll call "James" sent me the following email related to a job scam. He wanted to share this so others don't take advantage of this fake offer.

Below is the exact email that was sent by email to him:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2014 07:26:19 -0600
Subject: Job Openings for Gregory Fitzhugh !

We want you to look through the job offer written below. Transnational
Immediate Delivery company has recently reviewed the CV that you have
placed online and wants to offer you a position of a courier clerk
department employee.

Transnational Immediate Delivery company was created in 2006 as a
result of merging of couple commercial postal services in Warsaw,
Poland. Nowadays, we communicate with a lot of European clients and
provide options of ordering, paying and transferring goods that our
clients want to purchase directly from North America to them. Our
Companies market is mostly retailing.

The vacancy that we are offering you was created specially for United
States residents. It is called a courier employee and consists of
tracking, receiving, combining, consolidating and sending products
purchased from big United States internet shops overseas to the
companies branches and locations. The vacancy does not demand going to
any kind of office work locations and majorly can be done from home
along with going to the nearest post office. Company provides all the
needed materials and detailed directions for performing the job, work
agreement with other documents and many benefits. We require no
expenses from the worker. Items that our clients order are mostly
modern electronics such as Apple gadgets|, popular laptops and other,
so there is nothing heavy or bulky involved to have a need for a
warehouse place for. We give a $1,500 monthly stable and base salary
with an secondly added part of a bonus given for each task performed
in time. There is a very good chance of wage
growth and we also offer major career perspectives for the each hard
working employee.

We require:
-18 years minimal age
-to own a usuallworking street address
-ability to surf on the internet and with printer
-Owning a working telephone number, better if several

Transnational Immediate Delivery company was glad to show you this
official invitation message. It does not contain any attachments or
links in it to maintain the web safety at a the best point.


franklinagbita said...

Scam..readers beware

franklinagbita said...

Beware of transnational courier company

Anonymous said...

trying to send you another similar scam letter I just got but gmail says they don't recognize your gmail address.