Sunday, April 6, 2014 We Offer You A Job Scam

And here's one more that wound itself into my in box:

We offer you a job.

Extra profit in a short time!
Our company guarantees a decent wage - minimum 4000.00 USD per month. You will receive minimum 400.00 USD for 2 hours of work. You won't have to spend on this work more than a couple of hours, twice a week. Working with us it is not necessary to quit your current job!
These are the tasks you will be carrying out:
  1. Our manager gets in touch with you to specify if you can receive a bank transfer when necessary. In the meantime we make money transfer to you. Transferred sum can be up to 8000.00 USD.
  2. You have to cash the transfer as soon as the bank transfer is received by your bank.
  3. You keep from 400.00 USD up to 1600.00 USD - 20% of the money transfer - it is your profit!
  4. You transfer to our company 80% of the amount.
  5. If you are ready for future cooperation, our company makes one more transfer to your bank account.
Working with us is absolutely legitimate and doesn't violate any US laws. Important! This activity requires US residence! You can receive as many bank transfers as you wish, it all depends on how much you want to earn!
You can send us an e-mail and send your C.V. We will answer and send you details of your work.
The offer is limited!

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