Thursday, December 15, 2011

Purchasing Manager Wilma Caton Job Scam

Here's another spam/job scam email I received supposedly from Beyond is another one of those job sites, in my view that offer you positions but they don't really exist. What really wants you to do is return to school so they can market your interest to other companies.

Here's the latest job scam:

Good day Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx
Your application came via Beyond site
Company: New Sales Consulting
Post Title: Purchasing Manager
Employment Type: Contract & Freelance
Wage Range: USD42,500.00-62,600.00 plus
Career Category: Import-Export, Customer Service, Accounting, Business Opportunity
Relocation Required: No
Location: Nationwide
Please do not apply unless you are 21 years of age.
All candidates for this vacancy must be a USA Lawful Permanent Resident.

Dear applicant.
Due to expected expansion plans, the company is now searching an enthusiastic, vigorous, and enterprising applicants to obtain the above specified vacancy. The main objective of this post is to assist the procurement division in the continued development and implementation of their supply strategy. Individuals will work against a winning firm who prides on having the highest standards in the industry.

Essential Duties:
- Facilitate meetings with forthcoming suppliers and client departments.
- Receive and check requisitions for various materials, equipment and services.
- Prepare and process purchase related reports.
- Develop suppliers' relationships to include contract negotiations.
- Review the work time-schedule for the shipping planning section.
- Carry out different duties and responsibilities as needed.

The minimum:
- Should have excellent negotiation skills. You have to have ability to communicate both internal and external to the company.
- Should be a confident self-starter, conscientious, used to delivering to standards and deadlines. You have to be able to negotiate issues which may be difficult, disputable or delicate.
- Should be well organized and be able to work in a very active environment to keep track of multiple orders.
- Should to have knowledge of purchasing standards, methods of shipping and handling expenses.
- Should have proficiency to study data and market facts for the present and future pricing, and capacity of merchandise and facilities.
- Should be knowledgeable in the work of Microsoft Office programs.

The person is required to have a Valid Driver's license. Except to your proven skills you must be able to demonstrate a potential to facilitate others.
If you think you have the indicated skills and would like to be selected for this role or would like to get all details, please reply to this email and indicate your interest.
We are keen to hear from talented individuals with proven experience in sales or marketing and ready to offer a brilliant development program for the right candidate.

A few comments if I may...

I wonder why you must be over 21 years of age. I think if you can fall for a scam you can do that at even as young as 16 years of age.

I really do like the quote, "We are keen to hear from talented individuals with proven experience in sales or marketing and ready to offer a brilliant development program for the right candidate."

If it was a real job it sounds very interested and in line with my experience. But sadly it's not.

What do you think?

P.S. I still monitor posts because of spam I approve posts even if I don't agree with the content. If you attack me personally more than likely I won't post your snarky behavior because I don't see the point.

Have a good week and weekend coming up!!


Howard said...

This one came to my email yesterday. It lists a 646 area code number, which always goes to voicemail. They never call back. The toll free fax number goes to a fax machine, but who knows where that will end up. Probably receiving stolen goods and shipping them to Nigeria. No thank you!

groux said...

I have been getting stuff from them for 3 months or so. When i first recieved this their name was different,but the phone numbers were the same. They asked to do a web cast interview, which i accepted as i have heard of others doing the same for long distance relationships. The web interveiw was with about 1000 people so I knew then it was a scam, and then found out you need to pay them prior to starting work. A "good faith gesture" based on the training they were going to provide. In most states that is against the law unless there is a license requirement for employement, and even then if they provide the training they cannot charge you. If you have to take classes, like real estate, you take them from an outside source. Anyway, they have been sending me emails weekly now since. TOTAL SCAM.

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael

Our headquarter and local US office are very pleased to offer you a
position as "Purchasing Agent". You will be responsible for procurement
and supply chain service for our customer service department (See also
attached list of general responsibilities and obligations).

The position has been offered with no interview process but with one
month of introductory period since the offer is "at will". The
introductory period is first 2 weeks which gives us an understanding
about you as our representative. If you do have a current employment,
you can stay with it during the introductory period. We do not ask you
keep our position as main job before you pass the introductory period .

The official letter of employment is a file under yours name. Our
company's information, as your employer, is listed in attached file
About Us. You should use that file to check our company's legitimacy.

Upon receipt, will you decide to accept this offer, please respond back
with offer-acceptance email.
If you choose to accept the position please email me back your decision
and confirm your correct phone number I can reach you. We have to
clarify the start date and other questions you may have before I sent
you the 1st assignment. No assignment information will be provided
before I speak with you by phone.

If you choose not to participate in our business, you must tell me about
that by email. If I do not hear from you within 5 days and you do not
report for work as scheduled, I will have to assume that you have
decided not to accept this job offer.

I would appreciate receiving your reply soon but no later than
11/05/2013 . Please understand that the employment process takes time
and you will be given a feedback within next 3 business days. Thank you
for your patience for that.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Pamela Wagner

Anonymous said...

Received this one just last month,came with attachments with job offer, company benifits package, the works, very sophisticated info. BEWARE, if you have to use your credit card to purchase DO NOT DO IT!

In response to your interest, we offer a challenging career perspective and the opportunity to be a part of fast-growing organization. This letter is a conditional Offer of employment. All terms and conditions of your employment will be specified in the statement of terms of employment which is attached to this email a file with your name.

You must confirm your acceptance to work no later than 04/23/2014. If you decide not to join the position you have applied for, you may decline offer by submitting "Decline Offer" email back. This is a Base salary position and you will therefore be entitled to all staff benefits. Please look over all attachments to this email described full details (specific details about the offer, include description of duties). There is no interview process but with 2 weeks of introductory/probationary period since the offer is "at will".

If you do not notify me about your acceptance of this offer in 10 business days, then you choose not accept offer terms. In some cases, you may wish to delay answering in order to have the most time to understand the job, please notify me about it via email back. You can also stay with your current employer until the introductory period of 2 weeks will be passed with good results.

Once you have accepted an offer, I will call you back in 1-3 business days to discuss further steps. If you have any queries on these terms or do not understand them, please indicate the best phone number and time to reach you to discuss.

Ms C. Brooks

Anonymous said...

Scam from

Our Company found your resume via Vacancy board.

We are looking for a Supply Chain Coordinator to work with our wholesale suppliers and international partners.

It's a permanent home-based post. You could work from any state of the U.S.. You will be working independently, following instructions from your personal manger online.

This job is mostly about placing orders, repackaging, preparing detailed reports and making proper dispatches.

One of our managers will guide you through the whole process. We will cover all your expenses up front.

Job requirements:
- Proper Identification proving eligibility to work in the US or must have US citizenship and location;
- Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel;
- Strong ability to handle multiply tasks simultaneously when required;
- Good Credit History and Background;  
- Strong interpersonal skills are preferred.

Pay rate starts from:  $85,500/yr.

If you are interested in this job opportunity, please request an information emailing us at: .

Have a blessed day!