Monday, December 5, 2011

Vatra L AG Regional Executive Job Scam

Below is another job referencing to a resume found of mine on Career Builder. One immediate red flag is I don't have a resume posted on career builder. And other red flags should include the salary and the silly email addresses created for the purposes of replies to this email job scam.

The reply to the email goes to, and but the email states to apply using the email of And while I know it's a scam, why do they do that? I've replied "with great desire to work for the company" to find out more maybe we will hear back. Or anyone else please feel free to comment.

Have a good week ahead!

Let's read on...


Our Company Vatra L. AG. has found your resume in Careerbuilder database and think you are a perfect candidate for the vacancy we offer.

Position : Regional Executive
Payment Rate: USD600-1200 / week
Employment Status: Home based
Location: US


- Strong proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel
- Strong communication skills
- Ability to work with teams managing multiple engagements, providing excellent quality service in short time frames.
- Fluent in English language.

Apply today on :

HR Dept.
Vatra L. AG.


Anonymous said...

i got the same email about my resume being chosen .. and just like you ..i don't have a resume on career builder ..
hate that people prey ..on us who so dearly need the job ..and the money ...

Anonymous said...

Just like you I knew there was absolutetly no truth to the claim that they want to do something FOR ME. What I cant discern, is the goal. Are these leeches merely building address lists of valid emails for spam? What could possible be in it for them, if not that? They work cheap!
So I took the spam risk and reponded to

((From: Reese Beard []))
as follows.

Tell me more about your Company, and what you need. I could not turn anything up regarding Vatra L.Ag with an internet search or Mantra Search.

I need to know more about your Company, and this database that I am not familiar with.

Maybe that will draw the cockroach out far enough into the light, to go to yahoo and step on the bug, get their account pulled.

Back to work.

Anonymous said...

I got the same email on December 5, 2011. Fortunately, i wanted to check about the whereabouts of the company and ended up finding about the scam. Thank you for updating internet with the scam.

Saved one.

Anonymous said...

I received exact same thing about this job vacancy. I always try to find out about the company before applying and found your scam message. Thank you....

Anonymous said...

yes same here. thanks for the update on the scam.

Anonymous said...

Almost none of the scams don't make sense to me ...what do they do with our information? We know these jobs offer far too high of salary to be legitimate.

Anonymous said...

I got the very same email on Dec 5th, as well, and I just got around to checking my email to see it. I Googled the company name, since none of the email made any sense... I have a resume up on CareerBuilder, but I know that it's not up to par for a "Regional Executive", and how can someone with that title actually work fully from home..?

Anyhow, thanks so much for detailing this as a scam. My suspicions were correct.

Dancherd said...

For those who don't know, these scams usually go as following.
If they can get you hooked (yeah I tried it once to see what would happen), they tell you that they want to hire you and you will work from home. They will set you up with a computer and all the software you need. You agree and they send by FedEx one or more checks. (here we go). I said ok. They overnighted 2 cashier's checks amounting to $3,700 and I was to go to my bank, cash the checks, buy a computer and additional software, keep $100 for myself and send the remainder of the money in a money order to an address in Maine. Needless to say, if I had done that, those checks would have bounced and I would have had to pay for all that.
Of course the cashier's checks they sent were fake. This happened to me twice and the first time I took the checks to the police dept. He called the bank and the bank verified they were fake. The second time, they sent cashier's checks from the post office. When I took them to the PO, the checks were so well done, they could not tell if they were fake or not but assumed they were. The sight differences made them suspicious and I was not about to cash them. On the first one, there was a guy that started calling me trying to rush me to cash the checks (like that was not suspicious) So once I knew they were fake, I called the general attorney, then the FBI to see if they could stop this kind of stuff. They said that even though I had a phone number, it was probably roaming and they could not trace it. The package came from Florida but the checks were from a bank in Texas and the call came from San Diego CA. The FBI said that most likely these people are not even in the U.S.
This kind of crap is just wrong.
Hope this helps someone.

Anonymous said...

I just got an email exactly like the one above. Since I am not on careerbuilder I knew it was some kind of scam. Its the oldest trick in the book. These people should be sued.

Anonymous said...

Like many posting here, I received the email, and went straight to google to research the company, and found this post only a few days old! Thanks for taking the due diligence to post about the scam!

Anonymous said...

Ditto here, arrived about the same time.

I, too, tried out the scam (or one similar to it). I received two checks by FedEx, both from public schools. I checked and they are real schools. Contacted administrators at both schools, then the FBI. They took down the information and asked that I keep the checks for a few months incase they wanted to follow up. Didn't give any promise of follow-up, and got the impression they couldn't do much. Threw them out about a year ago.

Anonymous said...

I got the same spam email on Dec 5th as well. I did not reply to it.