Sunday, November 20, 2011

Courier Assistant Job Scam,

Here's a recent email to my google email box with another fake job offer, supposedly after finding me on Career Builder of all places.

Worthy of note, when you do decide to reply, the email will go to two different email addresses, one is and the other is

Below is the email:

Good day.

Our firm U.S.A. Address & Mail Forwarding Company has found your CV in CareerBuilder database and consider you are a perfect candidate for a part time position available.

Position name is: Courier assistant

This work is not hard, your duty will be to receive package, repack and forward it further according to our instructions.


- Work 10-12 hours/week;
- US Citizenship
- Responsibility
- Over 18
- PC/Home office
- Work with MS Office documents
- You may combine this work in our company with your main job
- Ability to pick up packages weighing up to 25lbs.
- correct and available shipping address
- Have no criminal records
- Ability to print and scan documents

If you are interested, please reply back with your short resume.

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