Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Natalie Goldberg Manager Of Turnover

Here's a recent fake job offer that came in to my Google email box. The spoofed email address comes from Roary Wade [castillonineteenth@yahoo.com] but when you reply it goes back to both that address and cynthia_eva@hotmail.com. It's a typical job scam like we've all seen before right now. Below is the verbatim email:


This is a request to your CV posted in CareerBuilder and we want you to try for our open position.
This is not a sales gimmick requiring you to pay setup fees or sign up to a mailing list. This is a business requiring only limited amounts of your time. You will earn money even without going out of your house or office. The job is regular and the salary is solid.

My name's Natalie Goldberg and I deal with the questions of expanding of our company Europe Mailing in the U.S.. Our company was established in 1997, the main office is located in Poland. We are working with purchasing of the goods in countries-manufacturers for its further resale in Poland and other countries. Our clients are the individuals who buy the goods at good prices. Now we are expanding and enter the American market, and we need on a remote basis hard-working and responsible employees for small and big butch deals on consignment.

Position name is: Manager of turnover
Compensation Rate: $30,000/year. If an employee has MBA degree - $60,000.
Location: United States of America
Job Role: Transportation

Basic Requirements:

- Be Available 10-12 hours per week;
- be US citizen
- Hard-Working
- Over 18
- PC, Internet access
- Computer skills, personal e-mail address
- You may combine this job with other activity
- Ability to pick up packages weighing up to 25lbs.
- correct and available shipping address

If you are interested, please reply to : n.goldberg.em.inc@gmail.com

As soon as your information is checked and satisfies us, our job manager will contact you.
Best regards.

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