Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rubye Brehmer Fake Job In Marketing

Here's a reply I received from that same Career Networks stupid company regarding an opportunity to apply for a position.

Here's the text verbatim in bold:

Rubye Brehmer
Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 2:03 AM
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H e ll o Xxxxxx,

Thank y ou fo r your i nt e re st in th e p os it io n at ou r fi rm.

A l it tl e mo re in fo r m at i o n ab ou t us:

As a recently fo un d e d a n d ra p id l y g r o w i ng ma rk et i ng firm,
we hope to fo s te r a fu n y et ef fi c i e nt en v i ro n me n t fo r our n ew
e m pl oy e es. Unlike other co mp an i e s, w e believe an e as y g o i n g
and f ri en d ly at mo sp he r e is facilitative to quality an d a ct u al ly
i n cr e as es productivity.

To be co ns i d er ed, ca n di da t es must possess st r o ng
co m mu n ic at io n/in te rp e rs on a l skills, the a bi li ty to in t er ac t wi t h
pe o p le at al l l ev e l s of t h e f ir m, and e x ce ll e n t organizational s k i l l s.

C a n di d at e s must be se l f st a rt er s an d be ab l e t o u n d e rt a ke
responsibilities with limited s u p er v is i on. Th ey must also be able to
mu l ti -t a sk, an d have a working knowledge of MS Office.
Fa mi li a ri ty wi th ot h e r t y pe s of s of t wa r e is a plus.

O ur policy is to gr o w and ma in ta i n a l on g lasting an d mutually
b e ne fi c ia l b us i ne s s relationship w it h o u r em pl o ye es. In ke e p in g
with th at standard, ou r fi rm of f er s a comprehensive benefits
pa ck ag e th at is second to no ne. In ad di t io n, we pa y ou r
employees h i gh er than an y co mp et i t o r in this industry.

C o m p en s a ti o n w i ll be further di s c us se d d u r in g t he interview
process, a ft er re vi ew i n g ca n d id at e ap pl i ca ti o ns.

Please ta ke a fe w mo m e nt s to fill out our on li ne application by
clicking on t he 'ap pl y' li n k b el o w.


Thank y o u,

H R St af f i ng
Employee Recruit Po r t a l

No comments from me needed on why it's a fake job offer and a scam for personal information.

Have a great week everyone!!


Anonymous said...

I have found on Career Builder an ad for Has ANYONE gotten this and tried it? They do not ask for any bank account info: just a resume which seems pointless due to what they ask you to do. They provide a task list (ex. find price of same camera @ 15 different websites) and email them back the price and if in stock or not. They pay $10 per task and pay twice/ month. They said they can mail check (is this something that when you cash check they THEN get your checking account info?) PLEASE if anyone has heard of it and if it legit OR NOT, let me know! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just posted regarding I 'd like to add that the browser at bottom of computer while logged on to says PrimeInsurance at the bottom. Also upon googling info nothing bad found, BUT the server located in Russia! ???

Louie, my dog said...

I was approach to do this job through careerbuilder in my email.
I thought no harm, didnt ask for any finacial info. I filled out their registration,which was the normal questions,name address phone.They requested my resume, I sent it to them. They also wanted me to do a job survey to see if I was a suitable canidate for the job. I did survey. They sent job "task 1" was to find prices and availability of a canon camera from some 15 diff websites. So far I've completed 2 task and they owe me $20. Before I decided to do task 3 I asked how I was going to get paid they said that they send money to my bank account. I asked if they could send money to my paypal account they said no. I said ok you can send money to my savings bank account.
Meanwhile I noticed that they removed task 3 from my site. I ask to do more work, then they said that the "Price Monitoring" position has been eliminated.

I let you know if I get paid.

Anonymous said...

I've done 2 task for
I asked how I get paid and they said they pay my bank account. I ask if they would pay through paypal, they said no. So I said ok pay me though my savings bank account.
Now they stop sending me jobs. I asked for more task and they said that the "Price monitoring" position has been eliminated.
I don't think I'll get paid, I will let you know.