Sunday, December 27, 2009

Response Concerning Recent Comment About Job Scams

Recently someone posted the comment below to the blog:

I got a similiar email on Dec. 23 with the subject: Secretary needed - $25/hour from
"Job Glamour" and it was signed Cynthia Kaufman
Human Resources Coordinator.
There was no company name so I searched her name and I found your blog. What is the point of it? Other than being a bother and getting me to go to a page that asked if I was interested in more education, nothing was gained. What is their scam?

They ask the question of what the scam is in a job offer that appears to be legitimate only to discover when you apply there's no job, no correspondence regarding more information about the job, where the job is located, or anything else.

The job scam offer seeks indeed to direct you to an opportunity to further your education but if you are thinking you are actually applying for a job and have an opportunity for a job by some swift and crafty wordsmith, you are being taken advantage of by supplying your name and address and personal information when all this company seeks to do is take advantage of what you are seeking, namely a job and baiting you with phone calls and emails regarding advancing your college coursework.

That to me is a scam, replacing one offer of a job for what seems to be good employment and excellent pay for your personal information and promise of helping you further your education.

More on this later.

Have a great week!!

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