Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Career Network Email Job Scam Follow Up From Comment

Recently I approved a comment from someone about On Fire Employment/Career Networks.

The comment is below in bold:

I have worked for them as a Job Scout for about a month. I have posted some 150 jobs and only got 2 responses for
Educational Information. I have posted the ads on 5 different sites too. They brag about how you will get a 25% rate, not true. Seems like it is just a way to try and sell educational info. I think it just does not work, people want jobs and most people opt out of educational info. I dont know if you can call it a scam, cause a scam would be when they steal money, and there is no money charge. But the system they hype seems to fall short when actually used.

I do think anything that misrepresents itself (a job offer or offer seeking employees to apply) is a scam when it's something as fake as Career Network. Besides this company trying to sell educational opportunities, they list jobs that are hard to believe are true and receive likely hundreds if not thousands of resumes everyday from the unemployed or those who are seeking new employment.

But it's fake and your resume and private personal information like name, address, email address and work history and educational background are out there to be used for fraudulent purposes.

There just ought to be a way to shut these fake companies down. For now, I believe firmly they just laugh in your face and know we can't do anything except complain about their shady business practices.

Anyone have any comments?

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