Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Requesting Your Feedback Or Experiences

Hello everyone...I'm out of state for a few weeks so updates might not come up as quickly as I would like....also lately I haven't received nearly the number of fake job offers to my email referencing to supposed resumes posted on Careerbuilder and

So I send this out to my readership...

Have you ever been scammed? Do you have a story, even if anonymously to tell? Please email me at if you have something to share with others.

And please tell me your story. Maybe you were scammed by someone that emailed you with a job offer. Maybe you shared personal information and found out the job was a scam. I welcome your feedback.

I won't publish anything with your name,IP address or email information in the stories you share with me on the blog. I would enjoy hearing from any and all of you.

Please tell us your story to help others and protect them from being a victim of a scam.

Thank you and have a great week!!

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