Saturday, October 22, 2011 job scam for asian bank work

I apologize for being missing in action lately. Over a month has passed. Someone passed me the following job scam that arrived in their email box recently:

date Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 3:29 PM
subject Career in an Asian bank

hide details Oct 18 (5 days ago)

Good day Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxx, We are one of the several charity organizations that have been founded lately as a result of the recent catastrophe in Asia. Your resume was found at one of the {vacancies|job offering} sites. We invite you to work in the new Department of charity of a big Asian bank. We invite you to an interesting vacancy. Thousands of people all over the world desire to participate in the helping programs for the victims. If are one of them, please study our offer. Mainrequirements: Permanent internet access, email Telephone connection: mobile and fixed Responsibility Reliability Attentiveness Principal duties: - Email and phone conversation with the Manager - Fulfilling transactions from persons interested in giving help anonymously transfer from a sponsor - Fulfilling transactions by the bank order or Western Union or Money Gram International systems Work schedule: From Monday to Friday, during the regular work day. 2-3 hours daily. Salary From 1200 to 3400 USD monthly. To get more details|please write the answer to this letter. Best regards

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