Friday, February 3, 2012

Colin Anders Intermmatic Group Job Scam

Well, I've been traveling and yesterday I received yet another cash checks/wired money into your account/funds transfer job scam shown below. Notice this job scam attempts to look convincing my giving us the locations of the company under various names which are hardly a way to give legitimacy in my viewpoint. It's the same type of scam where you supposedly process payments for a company, earn a commission of the money transfers, keep a certain percent, and then when the transfer is a scam, you lose the money you've wired elsewhere.

Below is the verbatim email:

For seekers of job, attention!

Hello, my name is Colin Anders. I am administrator of Intermmatic Equipment,inc. Intermmatic Equipment,inc. is a global, high-tech company that manufactures vehicle wash systems for cars, heavy transport vehicles, buses, rail fleets and a variety of special equipment.

Our company has many distributors in different countries:
- Autowash Pty Ltd, Australia;
- Tammer UK Ltd, Great Britain;
- DiBO Car- & Truckwash NV, Belgium;
- W.S.O.P. Sp z o.o., Poland;
- Tittel Fahrzeugwaschanlagen, Germany.

Our company is successful, because of our ability to provide a constantly changing series of unique and necessary equipment for car wash. For convenience in conducting transactions between the company and our customers, we use the command of Regional Managers. They help us in providing transactions. Now our company again opens Regional Manager vacancy. For this vacancy we need responsible, executive workers, who conform to requirements of open positions.

Requirements to the applicant for position of Regional Manager:

- level of education is not bellow High School;
- adults only accepted;
- sex does not matter;
- USA citizens only;
- basic knowledge of Microsoft Word;
- opportunity to plan time for work;
- 1.5 - 2 hours free during the day for communication and for performance;
- home PC or another devices with e-mail account and ability to check your e-mail box at least twice a day;
- Availability of mobile phone, so we could call you in any time;
- honest and executive;
- responsibility;
- punctuality;
- sociability;
- ability of team work.

Our company offers:

- monthly salary of $3,500;
- salary option of Monthly or Weekly payment after your three months probational period;
- 5% from the total amount of processed the transaction;
- career opportunities;
- work no more than 10-15 hours per week;
- paid vacation;
- personal award;
- advancement opportunities.

If you are interested in our offer, please send your resume on company’s e-mail:
We look forward to seeing you in the ranks of our team!

Best wishes to You, Colin Anders, Intermmatic Equipment,inc. Administrator.

Welcome to the clean world of Intermmatic Group!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this warning. I actually considered looking more into it. But as usual, I look up the proposed company and its supposed products before moving further and came up with nothing. However, your email I did notice. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

One look at the spelling will show it's a scam....most companies would not post this with those types of spelling errors...obviously from another country at best...SCAM

Anonymous said...

I figured this was a scam, "too good to be true usually is". But what made me really take notice was the misspelling of words. A LOT of them. If they are working in the USA I would think they should be able to speak/spell English or at least have a translator to do so. I googled intermmatic, but "Colin"'s email only has 1 m in the word. Red flags all over the place.