Friday, June 1, 2012

Purchasing Specialist Launa Radcliff

Here's another fake job I received in my email box. Anyone else get it? I'll post more over this upcoming weekend. Have a safe and relaxing weekend everyone!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good morning Organization: Procurement and Customer service Company Vacancy Title: Purchasing Specialist Employment Type: Full Time and Part Time Wage Range: USD52,500.00-70,800.00 plus conformable with experience Field: Import-Export, Customer Service, Accounting Relocation Offered: No The employer's business is growing in internal market and universally carrying many new opportunities providing ones for individual clients. They are searching for person to take responsibility for all buying operations within their logistics section of the firm working for exclusive retail consumers. This vacancy will be responsible for administrating the process of collaborating the appropriate concerned parties with prospective providers. Obligations: - Maintain strategy on ensuring customer wishes on all sales transactions - Provide team development to make better sales ways - Monitoring of managers' results to detect and take action on both positive and negative performance - Analyzing internal records - Coordinate the work of the special assignments - Set up relationships with business followers and manufacturers - Maintain and perform purchasing operations, policies, and processes - Organize the purchasing assignments; take care of daily activities including major purchases associated with materials; confer terms with vendors - Represent organization in negotiating contracts and working out procurement forms with vendors - Assist in the arrangement of shipping materials for consumer - Collaborate closely with National Account Managers in assessing new purchase opportunities - Collect information on such things as procurement backlog. Once the task is finished, make daily reports, based on assignment sheet Personal Attributes: The position needs an appreciation for accuracy and detail as well as high organizational skills. As a company's employee, you must be equally comfortable with store negotiations as you are with market analysis. You should work well independently and as part of a team. You must also have strong written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills. Another requirements include: - Experience in planning development and team building; Project Management; Business Development within uncommercial sector; Relevant work experience - Ability to bring about positive change - Good human relationship and presentation skills; Knowledge of OMS software - Strong financial perspicacity with wide abilities in Finance - Must be a multi-tasker, who can take extra projects and run with them - The candidate is required to hold a Valid Driver's license - The candidate should be a USA Lawful Permanent Resident - The candidate should be over 21 To find out more, please respond to present email address with or without your resume and salary queries.

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Anonymous said...

I just received a similar email from the hotmail account of "Kristie Griffen ".

It's strange how a major firm with such ambitious talent requirements would solicit applicants from a hotmail account.