Monday, August 18, 2014

MWG Trading Group Regional Logistics Manager Job Scam

Here's another fake job email type that came into my email box last week. It involves the classic re-shipping scams that you're used to seeing before with other companies trying to take advantage of people trying to find honest work.

Below is the email:

This morning we will be offering you a position in the international trading company which continues moving to the USA area. Originally located in Sydney, Australia, MWG Trading Group is now expanding it's coverage countrywide, planning to employ Regional Logistics Managers in each of the states and big cities, in order to boost the coverage territory as much as possible. MWG Trading Group offers drop-shipping services, personal shopping services and is involved in lots of kinds online and offline trading activities, presenting auctions and payment collection services as well, we link the professional vendors from different parts of the world, arranging safe deals and logistics accumulation, presenting every possible service the client is in need of.

Below you will see the short specification and the requirements to fulfill the vacancy of the Regional Logistics Manager in our Company.

You will be responsible for accumulating the parts of the orders placed by the clients. Working with USPS, FedEx, UPS and some other courier services, you will have to be able to lift up to 44 lbs to commence your duties. Most of the goods ordered by the clients will contain electronics, jewelry, clothes, anyway you will have to monitor the content of each parcel, by making pictures and presenting the brief reports upon each successful delivery in a timely manner. You must own a digital camera smartphone camera should be fine, personal computer or a laptop with stable daily internet access and a printer. That's basically all the requirements, more practice and information will be provided through the trial period, so some more duties can be assigned.

The trial period lasts for 45 days, starting from the date of the first task received, during the trial the payments are piecework, you will earn $20 per every outgoing order it can be either accumulated order or single item deal, in addition you will be paid $2000 when the probation is finished. When the probation period is over and all active trial period deals are closed - we will summarize your productivity and activity and our head-management personnel will decide whether to offer you this post on a regular basis or not. You will earn the $2000 salary for these 45 days anyway, it won't matter if you get the permanent position or not. So, basically, the average earnings for the 45 days probation period should reach from $3000 to $4200.
NOTE : Piecework payments are deposited upon providing the filled Compensation Request Form, so you won't have to wait till the end of the trial to start getting money, the first payment can be made even after the first processed order, the example of this document will be provided with further details.

We won't ask you to invest anything from your own pocket ever.

If you seem interested in the presented offer - please reply ONLY at: , attaching any diplomas, degrees confirmation paperwork, current resume or any other additional document you'd like to share with us, if there are any. We will provide additional data immediately and will guide you through the whole hiring process.

If you think that you've received this mail by error - let us know and we will update our database accordingly, so we will remove you from it and won't bother you anymore.

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Alex D said...

MWG Trading is a scam. They send you packages which are re-packed and mailed to specific locations. When it comes time for you to be compensated for your work, they become non-responsive. They are a scam.