Monday, May 11, 2009

Update To The Email Scams Blog

Hello everyone, thanks to everyone who comes by to visit and/or includes comments about the blog.

I'm out of state for a few weeks traveling and enjoying some of the National Parks out west so I won't really be able to do a good update for about another week or two.

I have noticed I'm not receiving nearly as many scam email offers for jobs but hopefully those will pick up so I can share what information I have on them.

Until then, please be careful when responding to any questionable job offers by email. As one person commented today, you might could open an account just for the purpose of trying to scam the scammers, but I don't see that as doing much good.

Just my two cents mind you.

Fees, overdrafts, and the like would cost you more than the effort to try and get money from the scammers.

Again just my two cents.

I'd enjoy hearing from anyone with comments or someone that has taken the job offers and later found it to be as it was by email or completely the opposite.

Thanks for stopping by today!!

Have a great week!!

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