Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Premium Financial Services And Advance Finance Group LLC Are Both Frauds

I'm still waiting for additional information on the first company, Premium Financial Services from the state of New York, if anyone there really cares this has fraud potential on it.

I researched the alleged fake "Management Team" and found out this company, Premium Financial Services has a sister also known as Advance Finance Group LLC.

You can see the websites are virtually identical.

Read up on Advance Finance Group LLC here if you are interested.

Both to me, and they haven't proven anything back with emails to substantiate they are not fraud on unsuspecting persons who believe the unrealistic salaries for seemingly simple work efforts.

Anyone else with comments?

More soon I hope.

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Anonymous said...

We are another Victom of Advance Finance group LLC we have waited 6 months after two Apprasals two different times signing papers one excuse after another it has been a nightmare. waiting for them to process the title we have never been treated so badly in our life we would call them and they wouldn't return our phone calls unless we went threw the manager then he would say he didnt have any news it was one excuse after another and I pray no one will be treated as bad as we were we have talked to several other moetgage companies and they have told us there is no reason that this Refinance should have taken 6 months. just a warning for anyone wanting to refinance go threw a local Company and check refrences on who you want to go threw.. sincerly Screwed in Ky