Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Freelance Job Scams johnenowak@gmail.com

It's been a little bit quiet on my email box lately, until this fake job arrived to my in box this morning.

Here's the verbatim email:

My company is looking for freelance agents in USA.
Part-time employment is possible.
You are suitable person for us if you are:
- located in USA now (without exception);
- 21+ years old;
- honest, responsible;
- strong organizational.

- have free 3 hours during working day;
- have good credit score and no criminal background.


Our benefits:
- health & dental insurance;
- flex-time;
- free training and professional development programs.

For full details please send me your reply to: hr@job-in-us.net

Anyone else get the email or respond to these offers that wishes to fill the rest of us in with details? I realize fully it's a scam but I just wondered what else there is to this type of job.

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