Friday, April 15, 2011

Business Text Editor Job Scam

And here's another email. The from email address shows as from a but the reply goes somewhere else entirely. This job is interesting that it allegedly pays per kilobyte for your good faith effort with this company to translate documents into good English as a text editor. This just reads just like a classic scam as well.

I can understand a true employer from another country trying to make something read like a possible job but this one just reads like a typical scammer that can't speak or think good English.

Our Firm have a available vacancy to be done at home on your computer, as the business texts editor.
Work takes 1 1/2 hours per day or less.
You can be engaged in it at your spare day time.
Over 2000 workers in our firm from all
over the world, and it is necessary for us, that they understood each other
in business correspondence good.

Work details:

We are sending you business correspondence about 6-9 kilobytes per day which demand the reviewing, the English-speaking person should correct them for grammatical and speech errors. Then to send these messages back to us.

Work payment:

We offer not fixed payment for this work. We pay $7 (USD) for 1 kb of the text which you edit.

Requirement for employee:

- Lives in US
- you should not be younger than 21 years old.
- You should be able to work on the computer and text programms.

We need the following information about you:

Fist name, Last name:
City and the country:

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I actually did this one a couple times (sorry all)... Never got paid after submitting Paypal invoices twice... :(
Then, 2 weeks ago, got another "invite" for the same job, different e-mail address, but same domain ("")....
So I said, "SURE, just pay the unpaid invoice, pay prior to any work you request of me, and then we'll be okay."

I have yet to hear from them again... :)

My wife brought up the idea of translating into 'pig latin', or other unrecognizable or inappropriate jibberish, to set them off their course. This, like my wife, is a beautiful idea, but I've not had the opportunity to do it. I hope you're reading this and want to have some fun with the scammers in this way.