Saturday, April 21, 2012

Career Builder Fake Jobs/No Concern By Careerbuilder

Hello everyone..sorry to be missing in action again lately. So...please tell us...any job scams out of the ordinary lately? I did receive a few out of the blue emails saying my long lost relative who died in a plane crash in Africa left $20 million dollars to her husband but I'm somehow the next of kin and I just have to send $500.00 to release the entire $20 million directly to my bank account. Also, worthy of note, I've emailed Careerbuilder related to job scams and asked some pointed questions and asked for answers on why the job scams continue to show up on their website. I also provided a list of questions I'd like to have answered by the company if they are really sincerely interested in my well being as a job seeker. So far, two weeks later I haven't received an answer despite this and showing a link to my email job scams blog. Could it be that Careerbuilder just doesn't care? I'm beginning to think so. Anyone have any comments? I'll be back with more job scams shortly.


CBSiteSecurity said...

I assure you that we've implemented several measures to help protect our job seekers & corporate clients from fraudulent activities.

CareerBuilder does have verification mechanisms in place used to screen companies and individuals who wish to access our products and services.

You may want to review our Privacy Policy at this time by clicking on the link below in order to familiarize yourself with the steps you can take to protect your personal information.

For more information about our Terms and Conditions or our user Privacy Policy, please click the links to the web pages below:

Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions

Please feel free to contact us directly should you have questions about a specific job/email.

For more information about Online Fraud, we do offer a Fraud Page for Jobseekers:

Thank you.
CareerBuilder’s Trust and Site Security Team

Anonymous said...

If Career Builder is that concerned about the well being of job seekers, they should provide an email address so you can contact them directly. They like to hide behind their name and look good but really just don't seem to care. I agree 100%.

Mazing said...

I am very concerned about the emails I get from careerbuilder(?) several times a week that tell me someone is interested in me. I was asked to send the email in original format to and always receive a boilerplate reply that is of no help.

The most recent one is "Parallel Employment Group (03-Aug-2011) is Interested in You,
3:20 PM (37 minutes ago)

In past emails forwarded to TSST I've just asked them to verify whether is legitimate, but no answer.

I'm about ready to give up on these guys and have begun to doubt whether the TSST is real or just a tool to protect SCAMMERS.

Who can tell me what's really going on? I need a job, not email games!

Anonymous said...

I get emails from CareerBuilder saying "XXX company is interested in you". That is a LIE. CareerBuilder is trying to SCAM job seekers. They cannot speak on behalf of a company and say the company is interested in you (unless someone who works for that company indicates so). Avoid these morons at all costs

Rahul said...

Careerbuilder my hairy ass. NEVER EVER give out your contact details on careerbuilder. This is a fraud company who sell your info to others. Most of the jobs on CB are fake.