Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Card Processing Assistant Terry Williams Job Scam Brivex Inc

I received the below email in my in box as well with another fake job. This one hardly sounds convincing because it doesn't give any information at all on the position. But just in case others may receive it, here's a copy of exactly what I received:

We are looking for Card Processing Assistant.
Our team has knitted together lot of different kind of candidates - from
students and trainees to graduates and PhDs. Nevertheless, despite this
fact, all of us have some generalthings that make us all  real family
because we all are highly committed, have the tendency for self-realization,
the will to succeed, the ability to enjoy the  work and  much more. In case
that sounds like you, then welcome to Brivex Inc!

A lot of people will write me and ask why people do this and what they have to gain...I really am not quite sure myself. I know you can send a lot of personal information in supposedly applying for a job but I don't know more than that. 

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Anonymous said...

I received this email as well. So even though they have a website its all a scam?