Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gabriellea Gra Tour Manager Job Scam

Hello everyone sorry to be missing in posting lately. I have another fake job to share and will try to do that tonight. In the mean time, this fake job arrived to my inbox yesterday:

 Hi !
Our company Tropic Tour as a travel agency can show you a free partial
vacancy on a post of the Tour Manager. We are one of the well-known 10
tourist agencies in Europe, also we cooperate with the U.S.A.

At this moment our company is looking for interested managers who will be
able to be the representative in the United States. So this post is only for
people with USA citizenship or work permit. Your main job responsibilities
will be the support of our people from the United States of America while
they are traveling in Europe.
-Skills or experience with PC, including E-mail, and word processing;
-Must be able to multi-task;
-Must be at older 19;
-High School or GED some college is a plus.

Your salary will be 4000 usd according to the multi-tasks that should be
executed. For more detail information, please write us at: . After we will send you all the
required information you are to get acquainted with.
 Good luck,
Gabriellea Gra

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Classic job scam...vague as all get out and the promise of tons of money each month as salary. Geez!!