Friday, August 28, 2009

Convincing Emails/Scams Using Craigs List Rental Property

I just wanted to warn anyone about email scams, even google or yahoo or any type of email addresses that appear to look convincing like can still be scams as well.

I didn't fall victim but I'm currently corresponding with a drooling scammer trying to get me to rent an apartment with convincing language if I wire him or her the money to get mailed back by FedEx a key and rental agreement I must return to rent the property.

For some reason, they are always out of the country and can't meet in person nor do they have anyone in town like a realtor to show me the property in person but you have to have confidence in the transaction and "God" that will put me in that apartment because they feel all cuddly with me. They also believe me to be quite the trusthworthy soul because they got an immediate vibe of my goodness when reading my request for rental property.

Sort of makes me misty that someone knows what I want and at a seemingly unheard of price per month and initial security deposit.

More on that later...including pictures if it goes further

To summarize, be careful. Trust nobody. Ask questions. Don't send out personal information. Create and use a fake email address to screen out others. Don't have your real first and last name show up on the email account you use to correspond at first. Get a phone number. Call and talk to the possible people you'll rent from. Be cautious and careful especially when using the internet for your rental searches.


Dugdale said...

I created a rental scam detection quiz if anyone is interested finding out if they are dealing with a scammer:

Dave Dugdale

Neil said...

What is the name of the person?