Thursday, September 30, 2010

Anthea Dales Diamond Group Inc. Fake Job Offer From Hot Jobs/Monster

Here's another email from Hot Jobs/Monster that arrived in my mailbox. A few days ago after my first fake job offer I completely removed all identifying information from the website and certainly encourage others to remove email address information, name, address, and vital personal information I believe scammers can obtain. Then they can contact you or use that personal information for goodness knows what.

Here's the most recent email scam I received:

Dear Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx,

My name is Anthea Dales and I am a representative of Diamond Group Inc. Thank you for sharing your resume at!

Our Company deals with IT outsourcing, and brings the best professionals from all over the world to the customers.

We are looking for job seekers who may be an asset to our Company.

Hopefully, you'll find our job offer attractive. This position will not require more than two or three hours per day to perform your duties online from your home office while staying in touch with your personal supervisor. Furthermore, this position does not require any special skills or experience.

No start-up and/or any other fees! We cover all the hiring process fees.

During your 30 days training period, you'll be paid $2,300 a month plus 8% commission from each and every transfer you process.

Your total income can easily accumulate to $4500 after your 30 days training period.

If you are interested in the job and would like to know more about this opportunity, please send your personal contact details to

We promise to reply within 48 hours.

Yours faithfully,

Anthea Dales
Diamond Group Inc.

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