Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Precious Metal Escrow Company Job Scam

Lately since I've been unemployed myself...I've had more fake jobs than ever lately in my email box. Here's yet another scam and example of jobs that simply do not exist whatsoever!!


We would like you to look at the following message.

Large company from Eastern Europe is seeking for employees in United States. The work is remote and can be an additional employment for you.

Precious Metal Escrow Company inc was set by a business group in Poland and is working since year 2004 with Warsaw official head branch.

PMEC inc performs the dispatching service among sellers and clients worldwide. The requirements are: to have a PC and web access including printer/scanner to start working.

The company is recruiting US citizens for vacancy of courier clerk. The duties will be: to track and receive shipments and send them out using the labels that PMEC inc provides. The pay is $60 for each received and sent package (it is calculated in a total monthly pay and paid at the end of each working month, $1500 is a minimum guaranteed monthly amount and it does not depend on the amount of packages that you have handled)

Our requirements:

- 18 minimum age;
- to have the correct shipping address;
- PC with day time internet;
- available phone number(better if several)

Parcels are not bulky, you do not have to have any special place to keep them in.

We work with UPS, FedEx or DHL, the most secure partners nowadays, for the safety reasons. It is your right to open the box and check the contents for everybody`s safety.

We would be glad and ready to get started with the application process with you if you match our requirements.

Please contact us via email.

Best regards.

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