Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yahoo Hot Jobs/Monster Has Plenty of Fake Jobs Tiffany Redmond

I had only three days ago applied for a job listed on Monster.com when today I received my first junk email fake real job type offer of employment.

Here's the email from a supposedly Tiffany Redmond offering me an amazing salary as a "Check Assist Manager". I don't believe this email has any realness to it whatsoever...but I am very disappointed that anyone can buy email address lists and pass them off as fake jobs to those really searching for work today. I wish, I just wish there was a way to shut them down...but for now I guess we just have to expose these types of emails for what they are and hope others are not taken in for the job offer when this is not a real job from a real person or real company.

Anyway, enough of my blather, here's that email below:

Dear Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx,

Our Company is known as a payment processor with services designed for international small companies. We have found your resume in HotJobs jobseeker's database resume base reviewed it and think that you to be a perfect applicant for the vacancy which we suggest.
Our Organization are currently looking for a few qualified individuals for a vacant position "Check Assist Manager".

The main work of this position is collecting payments [ ACH transfers and cheques ] from our clients in United States.
Every cheque will go with with detailed instructions.
If you haven’t bank account We will help you to open a new one.

Average income is $550-$750 per week.

Basic Requirements:

- Ability to work at home
- Available 6-10 hour per week;
- Your age is almost not limited: 21-65
- Computer skills [MS Word] personal e-mail address
- US Citizenship
- Honesty, responsibility and promptness in operations
You may combine work in our company with your main job



Anonymous said...

Just got the exact same email today (10/25/10) after putting my resume on HotJobs. Mine came from "bright Beach". I just feel bad for the people who are unaware of these scams.

Anonymous said...

I received the same email; 5 of them with 5 different names. When the email mentioned the checks would go through my bank account, I figured that would not be all that came out of my checking account.

Anonymous said...

I just got the same e-mail on 11-18-2011 and I have been a victim before DONT BE FOOLED ......When I received the check for being a mystery shopper I went to the bank and the teller told me this was a fraud check....

Anonymous said...

Just received a similar email:

Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2012 09:58:17 -0800
From: Cathy.Amennvgu@yahoo.com
Subject: Xxxxx Yyyyy's resume respond
To: XxxxxxYyyyyy@hotmail.com

Dear Xxxxx Yyyyy,

Our successful organization is seeking a Check Assist Manager to join their team. We found your resume online. It looks like you have met our obligatory requirements for initial consideration, and would be a good candidate to offer our final career position.

Functions include, but not limited to:

- Other routine duties may be required

- Following witten instructions

- Ensure accurate reporting

- Ensure daily assignments are completed in time

- Ensure excellent customer service and attention to detail

This vacancy requires a ability to self-manage and be attentive to details, strong work ethic, a responsibiliy, good communication skills, strong computer skills and the ability to work on your own.

Compulsory requirements:

- US residency.

- Willingness to work from home, take responsibility, set up and achieve goals;

- High School diploma is a must;

- An opportunity to check your email several times a day;

My aim is to arouse your interest. I hope that you find the terms of this offer fair and attractive.

Please email me back, if you interest in this position.

Motivate 2 Motivate said...

I just received the same email. Did you email them back to see what type of "scam job" the are promotting? I wish there was a way to expose these people too-I have been so desperate for a work at home job, this is sooooo misleading and disappointing!

Anonymous said...

I recieved one too, I have to be a US citizen to perform this job, ooooh, What the f*ck is that mean?.