Monday, November 8, 2010

CAMU Officer Fake Job Scam

Sorry for the lack of posts but I've been away visiting family in another state.

Here's an email that's not well written for a job that just simply does not exist except in a scam sort of way:

Dear Jobseeker

You were sent this notification because there is a match a recent posting at careerbuilder.
Prominent industrial and investment holding with diverse and flexible organization with operations in fields is presently hiring employees into its financial department.
There is an available part-time vacancy of City Account Management Unit in our business, that requires a obliged person. Our company, have a part-time vacant of CAMU Officer that require skilled individual to fit it.

Position requirements

- The candidate must be 21 or more
- US residents only
- Remote work
- Be available on the phone
- Know Microsoft Word

Expected income ratio can go up to 5, 000.00 $ - 10, 000.00 $ a week. Bonuses provided. There is no affiliation fees.

Email us.


Robert said...

I just got a slightly better worded version. How do you know the job doesn't exist? It's vague enough that it could just be bad English from a foreigner who's operating on a shoestring (hence ymail). However, I've dealt with a number of people in recent years whose e-mails made me think "scam", but who turned out just to be bad grammarians in legitimate lines of business.

. said...

The job just can't exist for a completely unrealistic salary of $5,000 to $10,000 a week with alleged bonuses provided. I guess I should copy the email addresses where these fake jobs come from that itself will show these jobs are not real. Besides the job itself does not show anything about the name, website, telephone number or anything else. Also, I do not have a posted resume on Careerbuilder for them to find in the first place. It's just a vaguely written email that promises big money for little work. That in itself is a scam...poorly written or not, if they were legit you'd see a lot more than this poorly composed email to go on.