Tuesday, January 25, 2011

House Lamido Investment Project Scam

Well, I will have to say...the scammers from Nigeria are getting a little bit smarter than before. Now I have this offer below:

From The Desk of: Engr. House Lamido. Date: January 21, 2011
Email address: engrhouselamido@yahoo.co.jp
Dear Sir,

with esteemed regard and confidentiality, we send you this information. We are members of a five man Contract Review Panel/Task Force, set up by the Federal Government to review and recommend to the government, completed contract projects in the Federal Ministry of Transport and Aviation (FMTA) Project at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja (FCT), and Port Harcourt International Airport - Omagwa (Rivers State), and furthermore, advice on payment procedures to prospective beneficiaries.
In the course of carrying out this vital assignment, we realized that huge amount of money US$72,530,000.00 (Seventy Two Million, Five Hundred and Thirty Thousand United States Dollars) is currently floating in the FMTA account with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), which we found out that their existence is as a result of over inflated invoice from various contracts, which till today remained unclaimed. We therefore have decided to transfer this money out of the country for our own benefit. It is this inflated amount in the sum of US$72,530,000.00 (Seventy Two Million, Five Hundred and Thirty Thousand United States Dollars) that we seek your assistance to pay through your channel by including your name in the schedule for payment.

The Federal Government of Nigeria, is currently short listing names of successful contractors whose contract job has been fully executed and commissioned, between 2007-2010,in order to effect their payment, as this is one of the top priorities in the agenda of this present government.

We want to seek your assistance with respect to facilitating this opportunity to enable us include your name among the successful beneficiaries of the confirmed contract payments.

We have made elaborate consultations and agreed unanimously on investing this money into a profitable business in your Country through your able assistance and cooperation. Upon the successful confirmation of the money in your custody, we agreed that you shall hold 25% of the total sum, and you shall advice on the area of investment you will put in our share of the money. We are still in service, so, you shall be in control the investment on a five years period agreement.
Be 100% assured that all we shall do shall be legally guided as you are guaranteed of your protection and no risk on your part. This business will last for about 14 working days, if you give us your maximum cooperation.

We look forward to your response and indication of positive interest to work with us in this once in a lifetime opportunity. If this proposal interests you, please send your full names and telephone numbers to us, as we have to engage in a brief telephone discussion to give you more information concerning this transaction.
Thank you in anticipation of your reply.

Yours faithfully,

Engr. House Lamido.

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