Friday, January 28, 2011

Olga Polyakova Decemi Soft Paypal Payments Processor Job Scam

Here's an interesting set of emails for fraud to help you separate yourself from your good money. Below is an actual verbatim email I received offering me a job:

Our company Decemi Soft is pleased to offer you a well-paid part-time job. Your personal information has been reviewed.

If you are interested, please reply.


So I replied. I really want a job and with something this specific, it was worthy of inquiring because I just knew this had to be the job for me. Here's what I sent back to the scammer:

I am very interested. Can you send me more information? I'm happy you are interested. Work has been tough to find lately and since you've reviewed my information I would be happy to talk with you more on a part time job.

And here's when the typical scam information starts...leading you on with amazing monetary salaries and few hours per week for the efforts. I certainly admire the scammers for being quite wordy to make the potential job offer appear legitimate when it really isn't. Below is the actual email back:

Hello Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx,

I’m very glad that you are interested in our proposal. Let me explain what we offer step-by-step:

My name Olga Polyakova, I am a manager of Ukrainian software-development company Decemi Soft. If you want to find more information about our company and products, please visit our official web-site:

Currently, we are processing online payments by merchant account, but some of our clients want to make payments via PayPal. In Ukraine, PayPal works only for sending money, so we have no chance to receive and withdraw money.

We've decided to use exchange service for PayPal payments, but there are some troubles (high fees per transaction and payment clearance for 7-14 days).

So, we are looking for a partner in US, who can help us with processing paypal payments. The cooperation process will be based on 3 steps:

- Our client sends payment to your PayPal account;

- You receive payment;

- You send money to our company (at this time we looking for best way to do it, I think it will be wire transfer, but I’m not sure yet)

Your salary will depend on amount of PayPal transfers you'll manage to process. You will earn 500$ per month plus 5% from each transaction.

500$ you will deduct from one of the payments after each working month, working month starts when you get your first payment, 5% you will deduct from each payment, right after you get it.

PayPal and all other fees will be covered by our company.

Based on our practice, there are 3-4 payments per week. Each payment is about $399 - $3000.

So you will earn about $1000-2000 for the first month.

No private information required from you. Only contact information, and information for PayPal payments.

As you see it is really simple job, if you decide to work with us please mail me next info:

Your full name:

Your PayPal email: (for payments from our clients, your Paypal account must be Premier or Business, have Verified status, with lifted withdrawal limit)

Your contact email: (for best connection with you)

Your phone number: (for urgent contacts only)

If you have not paypal account, but still interested with this job, please mail me, and i will send you instruction how to open a new one and operate with it. It's simple process and absolutely free.

If you still need any other information about our company and this job, or any other question be free to ask me.

You also can contact me by phone, +38 (044)59-94-533, but it is preferred for me to contact by this mail, as my speaking English is very poor, I wrote this message with help of dictionary, speak with help of dictionary will be much complex)

Waiting for your respond.

I wrote back explaining I only had major credit cards and I wasn't sure what Paypal was and for more information. We'll see how long I can lead them on...anyone have any good responses at this point to string the scammer along or should I just end it at this point until my next fraudulent email.


Anonymous said...

I got that email too about a week ago. I told him/her that I would be glad to do it, provided I only make a wire to them once a month for security issues and that I'll be personally verifying each payment via phone with whoever sends it to me. The individual insists that the wire be made immediately upon clearing as the company doesn't like to wait. Big red flag.

In any case, I'm stringing this guy along but at the same time have forwarded his email to the host along with all headers.

Anonymous said...

I just got this email also...