Friday, April 24, 2009

Anonymous, I Think JVC LTD Is A Fraud Still

I received a request by email and commentary on my blog to state why I believe the job offer with JVC LTD is fraudulent. The comments placed by someone stated, "John-my husband received this email and has spoken with who he believed to be the HR person and hiring manager. Do you have information to back up your claim as a scam?"

I would like to answer the question posed about background information on why I think this job is a scam but I'd also like to see if this individual would be willing to either post another anonymous comment on the conversation that occurred with JVC LTD.

I do stand behind my belief this JVC LTD company (whatever it is they actually do supposedly) is a fake 100%.

For one and until I may find additional information, the email from the company comes from someone supposedly by the name of Ashok Kae.

However the email address where you reply and express an interest in the job by sending a copy of an updated resume to the email address of

I've googled that company for about 30 minutes tonight searching by that email address and by that individual's name in attempting to locate additional information about the company but I found nothing on the internet.

The company is not JVC that manufactures electronic products.

I would think a reputable company would respond to several of my own email replies back asking for additional information on the company, where the company is located, whether the company has a website or not, more information about the position rather than the basic information contained in the email with a request for you to send them a copy of your "updated" resume, and lastly and most importantly a telephone number to contact the company to find out more information.

I would think a company would be happy someone is interested in the company they send a resume to wanting to find out additional information.

I feel this company is completely up to nothing but fraud. I don't have evidence to the contrary so I welcome anyone who experienced a great job working for this company or interviewed with this company for the job of 15 hours per week Monday to Friday for a delicious salary of $40,000 to post comments. I will make sure I get this information on the blog and put out a written apology.

To anonymous, please share more information on why you think this job offer is not a fake. Apparently your husband has talked to this alleged company and believes it to be forthright and perhaps has questions or not about going further.

A few questions for the husband that talked to HR at this company since I didn't receive any replies to my requests for additional information by email to the same address. I didn't send a copy of my resume....yet.

Where is the company located?

Do they have a website or did all of your concerns and questions get answered by telephone?

Where is the person located you talked to?

What information did they ask of you either by email or phone call when you emailed them initially expressing an interest in the position?

Have you had to divulge more than just basic resume information back to the company like banking account numbers and social security numbers?

Does this company require you to receive supposedly incoming money wire transfers into your account and then you take money and re-wire it back to them for processing?

Do you have a telephone number where you can call this person or the company's main office to talk with someone further or are you just dealing with one person at the company?

Is this company you are hiring for requesting a copy of your driver's license or a lot of what seems to be irrelevant questions on a poorly completed form sent back by return email? (I've received lots of poorly designed forms by email that ask for a lot of way personal information I've never had to give to any employer here in the U.S.)

Do you have a contract you must sign and send back to them that gives information regarding monetary penalties you may encounter when you are not able to do exactly what they are requesting for the job opportunity?

Has it ever seemed like working for this company for 15 hours a week and making $40,000 dollars a year too good to be true?

How is your salary paid for the work you perform?

Direct deposit, check, wire transfer?


Why is the email address for the HR assistant for this company a gmail account and not one with the company's domain?

Why doesn't the original email read like a legitimate job offer?

I welcome again anyone who has gotten good money from these types of job offers to post a comment and I'll be sure and retract and apologize on this blog for anything that I've said incorrectly.

I'd just like some facts to back up that these companies and individuals are truly legitimate. So far, I've seen nothing but skeptical thoughts about anything I've posted here.

Anonymous please feel free to reply back and I will post everything you put in your comments. I just moderate them to keep out the spammers and adult site comments that have no relevance to the blog I'm building.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I wish I had seen this earlier. I also talked to someone I thought worked for this JVC company. All he wanted was my personal information including a social security number to go ahead with the "job" that turns out to be nothing at all. I'm checking my credit reports to be sure he hasn't stolen my idenity. This company has no website and is 100% a farce. You should be very careful when responding to this ludicrous job offer or any others you have listed on this site.

Anonymous said...

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Alameda Crossfit said...

The address in Helsinki listed on the company's website is a "virtual office"

To the best of my knowledge the only reason why someone would set up a "virtual office" ,which costs a little over $100/month, is to give them the appearance of a legitimate company.

There may be many other legitimate companies with office space in that building in Helsinki, but my hunch is that this is not one of them.