Thursday, April 23, 2009

Okay I Just Re-Read The "FBI" Email

I'm still not quite understanding what this email scam from the "FBI" about an alleged other scam is trying to prove. If the email is trying to force me to email someone in the text just because I don't understand and read a lot of money is due my way, think again. But wait, it's so tempting.

As I can imagine Homer Simpson saying, "So much money"...

Anyway, I'm still not quite sure what the email was all about except to say there are some crooks out there. Don't get taken by those crooks because the "FBI" crooks seem to have your best interest at heart and is ready to help you get the money you should be entitled to.

Love that email address related to the FBI on a Microsoft "Live" email account too.

Yeah right...whatever.

Is it just me or the past year or so I've received 10 times more of these in my spam folder and inbox on web based email accounts?

Have a great and safe weekend.

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Oh and for a previous commentator, he's right. Those vacations in Poland man do they ever look amazing. That alone is worth applying for and getting the job isn't it?

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