Friday, March 26, 2010 Is Just As Fake As Career Networks

Well, those people at Career Networks continue to spam my inbox with scams.

Today is no exception. Here's a job offer that is not even in existence:

Hello James,

A great Customer Service Associate position has recently opened, and we thought it may interest you. Qualified candidates must be able to use MS Word software program.

The Customer Service Associate position offers $15 to $18 an hour plus benefits.

If you have been considering a career change, or, if you think this is a position you would like to fill, select the following link to access a more complete description and apply:

We will be looking for your response today.

Best of Luck,

Justine Dietz
Office Manager

Do_not contact me with future_employment_offers

Career Network, Inc., P.O. Box 618305, Orlando, FL 32861-8305

As so many others, I do wish there was a way to sue these companies offering fake jobs that do not exist.

If you need tips on how to avoid getting scammed by companies like Career Networks in Orlando, Florida, please add a comment and I'll put some in as well as my readers out there in the internet community.

Have a great weekend!!

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