Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fake Job Parcel Unity Scam Company Sherry Hebert

Sorry to be missing in has been kind of busy lately. But I did receive an interesting and fake job offer shown below in my google email account. The email came in exactly as shown in bold below. It's still a fake job. I may reply to this one to find out more information but then again sometimes it's best to show it on the blog.

Have a great week!!

My name is Sherry Hebert.

I am sales manager of Parcel Unity Co. I hurry to inform you that our
company is expanding staff. It means that we want to invite you to the
vacancy of part-time shipping regional manager. Advantages of our
proposal are the lack of requirements for work experience. You can
grow with us as. Parcel Unity is young dynamic company that takes care
of its employees who are willing to grow with the company.
I think you will appreciate the uniqueness of our offer and certainly
will respond
to it.

Job requirements:
- Resident of the United States;
- Fluent English;
- Basic skills of Microsoft Office;
- Home computer with Internet access. Personal e-mail (min. check twice a day).
We don't hire underage.

Job description:
- Receive parcels from our company (at your home);
- Report to our managers;
- Fill in forms of shipping docs;
- Ship out packages according our instructions

Personal qualities:

- 40$ per package processed for trial period 1 month
- 60$ per package processed \ by the end of trial period
- The salary is credited to your account once a month

If you are interested in our position, reply to this e-mail with your
short resume.
Looking forward to your answer!

Sherry Hebert,
HR Manager

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