Thursday, July 16, 2009

Anna Brooks Scam/

Boy this Anna Brooks person has amazing rental properties all over. Despite asking for any information, she continually wishes to hound you to fill out a "Rental Application" and does not answer any email inquiries about her rental property itself.

Could it be she or he or it doesn't respond because they don't exist? I think so.

Here's a copy of the rental application verbatim:


First off, thank you for considering application to one of our quality rental units. Please read below to learn about our application screening process and what you can expect.

Application Process:

We offer application forms to everyone who inquires about the rental.

We review applications in the order they are received by us.

We may require up to 5 business days to verify information on the application; however, most applications are processed in 2-3 days.

If we are unable to verify information on the application, the application may be denied.


Complete Application:

Unless joint applicants are married, each must submit a separate application.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

We will accept the first qualified applicant(s).

Credit/Criminal/Public Records Check:

Negative reports may result in denial of application.

Any individual who is a current illegal substance abuser, or has been convicted of the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance, or of a felony may be denied of tenancy.

Screening Process:

We determine, based on the application, whether the applicant meets our screening guidelines.

We obtain a credit report, criminal records report, and public records report.


This is a rental application only and does not constitute acceptance of the applicant as a tenant, nor a rental agreement or tenancy relationship between the parties. A separate rental application is to be completed by each unmarried adult. Inaccurate or falsified information will be grounds for denial of the application.


1. APPLICANT NAME (last) ________________ (first) ____________ (middle) ______

DATE OF BIRTH __________________ TELEPHONE # _______________


CITY ____________________________________ STATE ______________ ZIP ___________

RESIDENCE DURATION: years: ______ months: _____ MONTHLY PAYMENT ___________



Like most companies today, we require a recent Credit Score. This is only to do a criminal background check and keep our tenants safe. We will only speak to renters with a credit report from 'My Rental Credit Score' because we have seen many fraudulent reports. This is a well known company for and should garner some trust.

You can get the free report here:

Applicant Credit Score:


Why are you leaving your current residence?

How did you find out about our rental? newspaper ____ drive-by ____ word of mouth other __

Do you intend to have house pets at this residence? ____ Yes No If yes, what kind & how many of each Do you smoke? Yes No

Do you intend to use a water bed at this residence? Yes No

Have you been evicted in the last 5 years? Yes No

If so, please explain the circumstances

Have you ever filed a petition in bankruptcy? Yes No

Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor? ____ Yes No

If so, please explain the circumstances


This release will constitute my consent and authority to examine statements and information regarding my background.

I understand that I acquire no rights in a rental unit until I sign a Rental Agreement on the rental unit (noted above) to be held in accordance with the Rental Agreement.

I declare the foregoing to be true under penalty of perjury. I agree that the Landlord may terminate any agreement entered into in reliance on any misstatement made above.

I understand that my rent will commence upon the date of approval of my rental application and the availability of the dwelling, whichever occurs later.

If I am submitting this form via email, I understand that typing my name on the signature line below constitutes an electronic signature.

Electronic Signature of Applicant:


Before you go through all the trouble of giving this email address your applicant credit score consider this company is not legitimate. I believe this type of scam serves two purposes. One to get lots of personal information from you that would be valuable to steal your identity. Secondly that credit score service they require you to use because they "have seen many fraudulent reports" just doesn't bode well in my opinion.

Also, this Anna Brooks likes this company because it "is a well known company for and should garner some trust."

If you google "Anna Brooks" you will see that this individual or company somehow gets revenue by persons also choosing to receive a credit score and credit protection service from

I used the words in quotes since they directly came from the Rental Application.

I'm sure this Anna Brooks scam is up to no good whatsoever either. I won't promise to defend someone who really thinks these CraigsList rental properties or Anna Brooks is up to a legitimate business practice either.

Just delete the email and move on to some other rental units or at least a property manager that is more trustworthy.

Thanks for stopping by tonight.

Have a great week!!


Anonymous said...

My feelings exactly -Bellingham, WA

Anonymous said...

dang, should've read your blog sooner!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, yeah that credit link doesn't work at all.

Heard how victims were scammed, or just data info stolen...

What if you didn't do the credit score, but filled out the address and birthday and all...should one worry over this or just learn from this and move on is all now?

Anonymous said...

I got that same email regarding this fantastic sounding apartment for rent in Mobile, AL. Anna Brooks replied with what you have above, and of course ignored my request for the property address.

When I did a search I found this page. I flagged her ads on Craigslist Mobile, and they were removed.

Thanks to you, I didnt fall for the credit report signup scam.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the individual(s) who created this blog posting! I'm a very cautious person so I made a quick search of Anna Brooks and and I found your post.

Thank you for sharing this so that many others won't fall victim to the scam.

Anonymous said...

Whew! Saw this just in time!

Anonymous said...

too late, just sent my app....doh

Anonymous said...

Should I be worried if I sent in the application without doing the credit score, having given my address and name?

Anonymous said...

Same here, I filled out the application without giving my credit score but my address and name are on it. Should I be worried?

Anonymous said...

I, too, almost fell for this scam for a Bellingham apt. If it weren't for the fact that a search for came up blank, I wouldn't have found your blog. Thanks, much. I didn't see that one coming and I'm one of those paranoid types....

Anonymous said...

Aargh...sleep deprived mom helping daughter look for apt for college fell for the Anna Brooks/credit score scam. Rats. God, I hope it doesn't come back to bite us! I've reported this to the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center...maybe they'll shut them down. Hope so.

Anonymous said...

I have come across another that has similar wording as the Anna Brooks scam. Crystal Merz...the words "However,we will only speak to renters with credit report from National credit report .com,because we've seen some fraudulent reports. this is a well known company and should garner some trust.

you can get the free report here,"

appear in both emails. BEWARE!

Anonymous said...

I knew that something was wrong with this ad!! It was amazing place with great price....she sent the exact same email to me for an apt in skagit. I lived in Mount Vernon in the past so that I asked where the apartment was. She did not answer and asked me to fill an application. Thought it's weird. I almost fell for this scam....I was about to do credit report and found this post. Thank you so much for sharing this!
You saved me.

Mopsy said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm looking for a place, and I came across this one on Craig's List. They got removed after, so, it matched what she said about them filling up fast. It was only after looking at the weird link that I decided to Google it, which led me here. So, thank you. =]

Anonymous said...

sleep deprived mom.just lost my job and need a cheaper place hope they get caught whoever the dumb fukks r. hate people that have no life i swear!
anyone know of a cheap place in TYLER, TEXAS
please contact me at
well they have all my info,.what happens now...> we shall see...

Anonymous said...

I just got caught in this scam--shame on these folks for giving people false hope of having a nice place to live for such a great rental rate! I knew this was too good to be true!! Luckily, I did not even try to use the credit score link.

Anonymous said...

My name was used by one of these scammers for rentals. I received almost 30 emails. Now I know what is going. I had to ask Craigslist to look into it. Just know that the names they are using aren't their own.

Angela said...

Okay--I fell for this " as well. Does anyone one know the simplest way to protect myself from the information acquired (Full Credit Report, Completed Application, etc.) due to my falling for this scam? My credit score was deemed by the credit report company as "POOR", but she/he still has all of the information that was requested. Any specific suggestions/answers/help out there?

JP said...

OK, just got the same email. Thought the rent was too good to be true. So glad I googled "myrentalcreditscore" before proceeding.

In Tucson on Craig's List, she uses Anna HUGHES and the email was signed Katie Hart of Katie Hart Properties (which doesn't exist, according to google and white pages).

Michael said...

I've looked up her server info @ under whois information....she lives in california in los angelas.... I have found her server host location and have sent email to ABUSE@whatever the host was....and they are investigating the server...

ANNA HUGHES was used as email name for omaha where I am located....but she uses KATIE HART PROPERTIES ...which names don't match so that's what made me wonder...

if you guys wants to research more information under whois or so with or her corresponding website, feel free.... this person needs to be stopped!

Anonymous said...

In Pennsylvania on Craig's List, she uses the name Anna HUGHES and the email was signed Katie Hart of Katie Hart Properties

What can we do to stop this person? I think if any rental on craigslist sounds too good to be true then it probably is!

Anonymous said...

Craigslist gives this information about reporting scammers. Please email them so that they know how widespread the problem is with this Anna person. Also flag her post so it will be removed and no one else falls for her tricks.

"If you suspect that an item posted for sale on craigslist may be part of a scam, please email the details to "". Be sure to include the URL (or 10-digit post ID number) in your message."

Anonymous said...

I almost fell for it too....looking for apt for daughter in Ventura County, CA. The email was signed by a Katie Hart with Katie Hart Properties but the email address was from Anna Hughes with I was already hesitant about using craigslist for apt hunting and I am very protective of my identity. It's a shame there are people out there like that. Again, the lesson is: if you're looking for an apt that should be listed at around $750.00 to $800.00 and you see a listing for $525.00 ------- RUN!

Myrna said...

This time Anna Hughes ( try to rent an apartment in downtowm Tampa, Fl. trough Craigslist and is a Very tentative renting offer.I received an email from this person with the same attachament Rent application show in this blog. Selling the credit report( The email was signed by Katie Hart
(Katie Hart Properties). I'm
Searched about this and discover the fraud and was ontime, because thanks to the Lord, I do not gave any personal infornmation to then. These people needs to be stopped!

Anonymous said...

did anyone find out what we are to do if we were foolish enough to fall for the scam, but didn't do the credit reporting thing? I did do the electronic signature as well as my birthday, blahblahblah.
Help please?

Anonymous said...

This scammer goes by ANNA HUGHES in reply to Craigslist ads in the South Florida area. Buyer beware and always Google/Bing anyone who is trying to "sell" you something. Thanks to the previous posters for keeping me from getting scammed.

Barclay said...

I just got scammed on this Katie Hart Properties here in Albuquerque. I did the credit report, that was supposedly free (legit ones exist, right?). Then decided to google "katie hart properties" and found this. damn the luck. I too, hope that this doesn't come back to bite me.

Anonymous said...

Just fyi, in Nashville she goes by Anna Hughes from Katie Hart Properties. Her email is: She has multiple properties posted on craigslist that are located in unbelievably expensive areas and priced as low as as $500/mo (utilities included!).

Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with people these day's. Talk about taking the wind out of my sales. Craigs list is still posting her ads.

Anonymous said...

The apartment she advertised in Little Rock was too good to be true. Priced way too low. She's had a couple of other posts for Little Rock apts. Once, I began to complete the application, then my common sense took over. Why would I give someone I don't know my personal information even before I even saw the apartment or knew where it was? I refuse to go on any site and get my credit score just so that I can hand it over to an unknown person for a look at some unknown rental property that could be in a bad part of town. Craigslist should do whatever it can to block her emails. Do they think we're all stupid???????

Anonymous said...

Man, she got me too, i emailed my adress and information i hope this does not affect me. i knew it was to good to be true. but hey thanxs for sharing this information, its very useful.

Anonymous said...

!!Katie Hart/Anna Hughes is a scam!!


I found an apartment rental post on (under Peoria, Illinois). I then sent this poster an email with my name, phone number, and email address. When I received a reply I started to fill out more information in an "application for rent" attachment and also information at a "free credit report" site that was linked in the attachment. However, part way through I noticed that the sender used 2 different names, so I decided to investigate. It appears that many people have had trouble with this scammer and I am sending this message to warn others and get this posting removed. Below, I have provided more information to help describe this problem.

The listing was titled: $510 / 1br - Fully Renovated Apt for rent
The posting id specifically was: 1448762103
The link was:
The email link in the posting was:
The response email I received was from:
However the response email was signed: Katie Hart, Katie Hart Properties
Also, there was an "application for rent" attachment (in the response email) that requested more information and a link to a "free credit report" site:

I never completely finished filling in the information at the "free credit report" site or further responded to anymore emails. However, I'm still worried about whether or not what information I did provide will be used against me, but I hope this message helps others from falling for the same problem.


Anonymous said...

just out of curiosity I also had the urge to google katie hart properties (just to see what else in the area she/he/it had to offer... i thought it was strange that after filling out the online application (no-one even sent back a e-mail) i decided to google this... and "wow"!!! I'm in Rockford,IL. "I hope others will spread this message as well"

Milton said...

I am glad I researched this application before I decided to do anything else.

Anonymous said...

These kind of things make me SOOO mad!! She has an apt listed on craigslist in downtown miami: rent is $505 fully furnished and EVERYTHING is included. The few picture she posted looked very nice. When I think about it, this deal is really just too good to be true!!! BEWARE!

Anonymous said...

GRR! I am a student.. I am very happy I read this first, BUT this is nonsense.

I knew these places could not be SO well priced. Suddenly, life sucks again!

Thank you for making me aware of the senseless world.

Anonymous said...

I knew her ad on facebook was too good to be true. I'm so glad I did not respond to her reply and request to complete an application.

Anonymous said...

Glad I found this in time! I had the same thing. Great sounding apartment, great price, but no location other than "downtown" in Salt Lake City. Glad I thought to google her name before I filled out the application. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I was in the process of filling this out too and the same idea popped into my head that another poster had. I thought... why am I sending all this information and I don't even have an address or some kind of idea where this place is? So I stopped before I even completed the form and I searched for Anna Hughes properties even though she signed the email Anna Brooks. Either way, I guess she's infiltrated the DC area now too because that apartment sounded too good to be true with all utilities included... pff. Anyway, thank you for this blog so I didn't make that mistake!

Anonymous said...

She's at it in Ventura County!

Sam said...

I got took on this scam too. For some reason I decided to Google Anna Brooks Properties and ran across this blog and a few others that I haven't read yet.
My identity has been stolen twice so far in my life time and it's not a nice thing. I am a member of Life Lock so I just finished writing Life Lock an email with all of the details. I hope that they can protect me.
If anyone has had any problems from giving these people their personal information, please post exactly what they have done. It may be beneficial to the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this blog. Things just did not sound right with Anna Brooks email or application. I hope everyone who didn't get a chance to read this blog before sending in their application are safe and have not been hit with fraudulent activity. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Something that sounds too good to be true, often is. Santa Cruz apartment ambiguously "down town" for $4-500 under the market rate. I'm very happy to have googled this bird's name. Thanks for putting the word out

Anonymous said...

Anna Brooks is at it in Harrisburg, PA...I fell for it, but thought it was too good to be true!

Allyson said...


Anonymous said...

Glad this is the first thing that pops up on google when you type in Anna Brooks Properties. After reading this, I flagged three different listings of hers on craigslist in AZ.

mutakallim said...

I just fell for this bull@#$@$. There was an apartment posted on craigslist for downtown Baltimore. Good thing I monitor my credit and have poor credit at that.

Careissa said...

I almost fell for this scammer too. I'm in Anchorage, AK and the apartment was cheap and sounded nice. It was listed as $520 fully furnished, w/d, all utilities including internet and cable. Once I got the response email I googled her name and found this site. I'm glad I didnt fall for her scam. She emailed me with the name Anna Huges, but signed Anna Brooks of Anna Brooks Properties. ERGH I hate people like that.

Anonymous said...

googled her as soon as the request to use a specific credit reporting agency came up. I saw a great place in Daytona Beach. I thought it odd she stated the only pull credit for criminal history. That won't show on credit report. What an idiot.....

Anonymous said...

also at it in Miami beach

Neil said...

Hi, I am looking for a place to live in albany and came across Daniel H Applin who seems to be from the UK can anyone tell me if this is a scam 458 Washington Ave, Albany NY 12209

Where he works is

thank you

Neil said...

I am currently in the process of finding a place to live in Albany and found a place on Washington street with a landlord named Daniel H App, I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about him, he says he moved to the UK to start working with but I am unsure if this is even a real sight. Could someone please help?

Anonymous said...

She is at it in Arkansas too...I am so thankful for this blog site and for the fact that I didn't fill out the application!

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful that I came across this information because it was tooo! good to be true, it has really heightened my awareness more to listen and trust my gut instinct.The posting was from Craigslist and from Anna Brooks, with not much more information given, I decided to google Anna Brooks Properties,and found this information."THE TRUTH ALWAYS COMES TO THE LIGHT" Thank You!
signed ananymous in F. Ohio

Billing said...

I'm so glad I didn't fall for it and I didn't give any information...this scam is in Providence, RI. She posted a bunch of ads on Craigslist and I replied to all to get more information either my email or my calling me and I received the email application. I've never rented and I'm glad I questioned the application because it was asking for my credit score before I've even looked at the place. A good friend of mine told me to google the name because we both were thinking it was a scam and of course it was. Ughhh people have no life seriously obviously whomever is searching for an apartment they are serious about it and are in need of a place and don't have time for this bs of games. Thank you for posting this blog for others.

Anonymous said...

So I just got scammed :( I never sent the application, but I began to fill out the credit report, until I realized it was asking for my bank information. I am in the Denver area and the person is going by ANNA HUGHES. I hope it doesn't bite me in the ass. Unfortunately I found this site after I realized the page on craigslist was flagged.

edward erick said...

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