Thursday, July 16, 2009

Julie Mathews Prime Insurance Money Transfer Agent Job Scam

Sometimes I feel a need to defend my blog against those who may not share my beliefs of the legitimacy of companies that email me regarding job offers.

One case is the comment regarding Prime Insurance Company I fully believe to be a scam and not a company I'd choose for fake employment.

Here are the comments I approved verbatim to be posted from an anonymous poster earlier tonight on the original Prime Insurance Money Transfer Agent Job Scam on this blog.

See below:

I hear them being accused of a scam - does anyone have facts? What are they scamming? Has anyone lost money?

They have a phone and fax number. The phone number has an answering machine.

They made a deposit to my checking account, and it was verified by my bank.

Does abyone have any facts rather just than fears and opinions?

To be fair and answer the questions they posted...I don't really need to back up my claim that this company is fake. If you use google you can type in "Prime Insurance" or "Julie Matthews" or both. You will pull up complete other forums showing the complete reasons to justify why this job offer is not legitimate.

I see no reason whatsoever to sign up for a job offer that is fake to prove a point that it is fake. Quite possibly I'd run the risk of losing money accepting fake deposits into my checking or savings banking accounts when the funds are not legitimate.

If anyone firmly believes this offer or this company to be legitimate, please by all means use the company and feel free to report back to this blog or post elsewhere of your success stories. I'm sure we'd all like to hear about it.

Facts for you to consider:

(1) Prime Insurance company emails were from a hotmail or gmail account with problems in the phrasing of the email. The email supposedly comes from a Julie Mathews but the email address name and email is a totally different individual.

(2) I don't think just because a company has a telephone number and fax machine makes it a legitimate company. A website for the company, well written information, and truthful information goes a long way to show the company is reputable.

(3) Despite several email attempts back to the alleged Julie Mathews at various email addresses used to attempt to entice me to work for this fake company, I have never received any correspondence from the alleged "company" to prove the company is not fraudulent. If this fake company was wanting to instill confidence toward a potential applicant, they would choose to respond to my email for additional information about the company instead of ignoring my requests.

Read more about what some people believe about the scamming intents of the company by going here and read up on page #2 as well.

I also will state there isn't a lot known about persons who lose money to scam emails. I firmly believe continued education is key to avoid losing money from these companies. I'll say it again, I don't have to lose my own valuable money in a scam to know when it's one right before me.

Any and all other persons who have made excellent money are more than welcome to reply to comments on the blog and share your stories. I just don't see how you can do anything but LOSE money with scams like these circulating into your email service.

To date, I haven't found anyone that has really "earned" money from Prime Insurance and this alleged "Julie Mathews" HR representative.

Fake, Fake, Fake is Prime Insurance with the offers of a "Work At Home Money Transfer Agent".

I may just continue to post comments from those who believe the company is legitimate, but I am starting to find myself not willing to defend my position of why I believe companies are running a scam.

Anyone else have any comments?

Have you had success stories with the Prime Insurance Work At Home Money Transfer Agent job?

Please feel free to share comments.

Have you been scammed and want to enlighten the readers of this blog?

Please also feel free to share your comments as well.

Thanks for stopping by again.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work on the blog. If the person who left the comments above questioning if the company is legitimate or not and wants to lose money, more power to him or her. I appreciate someone taking a stand. You don't have to completely defend your position against the company. There are far more than completely agree with you on the comments you post regularly on this blog. Thanks for all you do to expose these emails.

Anonymous said...

OK - here are FACTS - I am the same person who asked for them. I received a direct deposit to one of my bank accounts for nearly $10,000 and was instructed to keep 5% and send the rest Western Union to 3 places.

I was on my way to do this - my first insurance claim assignment - but I had a health issue and was sent to the hospital. Hence I couldn't perform the transaction.

The money was a few hours later withdrawn from my account saying that the depositing bank made a mistake!! I would have been liable for the whole amount plus overdrawn bank charges!!! Fortunately I was in the hospital and could not withdraw the funds, and make the Western Union transfers to 3 people!!!!