Friday, July 3, 2009

Prime Insurance Company Scam...Request For Feedback

One of my readers, Karen in Florida posted an anonymous comment regarding Prime Insurance Company and the scam. She asked the following on her approved comment to the blog:

Looking to hear from anyone who has actually had experience with performing their transactions as instructed?
Karen, in FL

Can anyone post anything in comments back about her question regarding performing transactions for the fake job opportunity?

Anything posted will be approved to hopefully give Karen and others new insight to this company.

Thanks for stopping by today.

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Anonymous said...

OK - here are FACTS - I am the same person who asked for them. I received a direct deposit to one of my bank accounts for nearly $10,000 and was instructed to keep 5% and send the rest Western Union to 3 places.

I was on my way to do this - my first insurance claim assignment - but I had a health issue and was sent to the hospital. Hence I couldn't perform the transaction.

The money was a few hours later withdrawn from my account saying that the depositing bank made a mistake!! I would have been liable for the whole amount plus overdrawn bank charges!!! Fortunately I was in the hospital and could not withdraw the funds, and make the Western Union transfers to 3 people!!!!