Saturday, June 27, 2009

646-360-1658 and 646-360-1661 Are On Fire Employment Verification Scams

One annoying part of the scam with On Fire Employment and many other URL listings owned by the same company is that if you give your telephone number on the fake job application you'll start getting calls from someone on a recording called "Jessica" who wants you to call back in to verify your information.

Two numbers used for these fake job verification calls are both out of New York. One is 646-360-1658 and the other I'm aware of is 646-360-1661.

If you google either telephone number or both you'll hear from other disgruntled persons who were led to provide their number only to discover you will attempt to be marketed for college information and courses of study.

I wish there was a way to get rid of these phone calls on my cell phone for good but I haven't yet. I don't want to call and get to someone only for them to realize this is a good cell number for lots of other marketing purposes.

I guess I could call and ask the person who wants to sell me on things that I do not know why this number is being called and to remove me immediately.

I might try this. Anyone else have information to share about calls from these two telephone numbers for the ruse of verifying your employment information?


CompleteBeauty said...

I just recieved a call today from the that company and I refused to take that 45 minute survey but the thing is they called me from a DC number and when I told them I would call back to take the survey I asked for the number to call them back. He asked if I have Caller ID I lied and said not on this phone and he said that the number to call back is 646-360-1161 when he actually called me from 202-591-2221 the job he was talking about I did apply for and it is located in NY but why call me from a DC number why not FWD my info off to that company and have them decide if they want to call me for an interview or not. Isnt that what HR departments are for?! lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all for being vigilant! I got two calls from these people; the first I thought was very sincere, but after thinking about it, I thought something was really "fishy" about these people (pun intended). Sure seemed like they were trying to get personal info rather than this being some true independent outfit "verifying" my employment and education history for an "employer" that they REFUSED TO IDENTIFY. That was the tip-off that something wasn't right... As your other poster said - any HR Dept should be handling this; if they're interested, they're welcome to interview me. But why hand off simple "verification" of basic data to some telemarketing outfit?

Second time I got a call from these people, I ignored it. (different caller, but sounded very rudimentary - like he was reading from a scrip).