Sunday, June 21, 2009

UFE Online and On Fire Employment Scams--The Differences

I recently approved a comment from an anonymous person who said the following as it came in the comments waiting for approval:

I went to the UFE website and see NO Three Stars anything. Don;t know where you are looking to verify if fake or not. If fake they are good. give more proof either way.

I need to go back and modify the actual entry I placed earlier and will do that today.

What this reader needs to realize is that the UFE website that is for fraudulent purposes and On Fire Employment are two different websites and companies completely.

UFE is the company with the website with locations in Russia and Poland.

The URL for the alleged company UFE for a fake "Cash Asset Manager is located

On Fire Employment has many different names registered for fake job offers and marketing purposes. The owner of this name, On Fire Employment and many others is the company Three Stars Media. Three Stars Media allegedly lists its office location in Orlando, Florida with an website address here which I accessed by going to the "About Us" section of Career Link

I hope this helps.

Maybe my entries were not clear but these are two separate companies attempting to scam individuals.

In summary, one is overseas (UFE Online) trying to scam you and one is supposedly located near or in Orlando, Florida (On Fire Employment).

Have a great weekend!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for that information. My husband was searching for a new job and he constantly got emails from this company. I think that it is wrong for the company to get individuals to get there hopes up for a job knowing how the economy is today. Thanks again.